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Mar 1, 2002 08:32 PM

Seeking parts for "American" food processor

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I have an "American" (brand name) food processor that must be 10 or 15 years old, but is still in good shape. I recently broke the chopping blade, so I'm seeking a replacement. Does anyone know of a store that might have such an old part? Or perhaps does anyone here have one of these things that you no longer use?

I love this thing and I really don't want to give it up, because it's a great design (much better than the stuff available today--quelle surprise!) and in good shape. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


If so, please send me an email at

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    Wendy Leonard

    Well, what brand is it? It shouldn't be that hard to get a replacement chopping blade if it is a major brand.

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      Pat Goldberg

      When I have problems like this, I usually use Google. I tried it on the information you gave with no luck.

      I have found that including the model number with the search helps to narrow things down -- especially when the main keyword is common. You might try Google with this additional information.

      Pat G.

      1. I had an American brand processor briefly, in the early eighties. At the time, it was cheap and I thought I couldn't afford a Cuisinart. Within a couple of weeks, the motor burned out. I demanded and got a replacement, and burned out that motor in no time flat. I concluded that the motor wasn't close to being heavy-duty enough for the kind of cooking I did, and I bit the bullet and bought a Cuisinart. I'm on my second Cuisinart now, a DLC-7 Super-Pro, which is about 15 years old now and stil going strong. I have even used it to grind corn to make masa. What sort of use has your "American" gotten?

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        1. re: zora

          I gave it moderate usage over a period of years--oh, maybe, 5-10 minutes a nite, perhaps 2-3 nites a week.
          Never had a problem of any kind. The motor is still in perfect shape. You wouldn't by any chance still have the blades from your old one, would you?

          I always liked the design of the thing, from an engineering standpoint--it never seemed to strain.

          1. re: Howard-2

            Nope. Sorry. I have lots of stuff I should get rid of, but the food processor and everything associated with it went bye-bye long ago.

        2. I had an American processor for awhile which I bought at Fortunoff's in the NY area.....I think they have a web site or else you can call them and they may be able to help since they carried them for a long time (my motor burned out)

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          1. re: erica
            Marilyn Janow

            I, too, am trying to track down parts for the American Food Processor Model 3000. I need the steel cutting blade. If someone with a burned out motor wants to sell the blade, contact me.

          2. I too bought a Cuisinart food processor CFP-5A in 1977 and have a need for new blades. Does anyone have a burned-out machine or one that you are not using. The base is still working very nicely, I just need new blades--they were the kind that were attached to the stem permanently. Thanks.