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Mar 1, 2002 04:42 AM

substitute for celeriac

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We are making a 'gratin' this weekend which calls for celeriac, potatoes and porcini mushrooms. call me a philistine, but to me celeriac is a 'non-food' - i.e. it has very little flavor, and I hate celery so the association repels the item itself looks like a dried brain (sorry).

SO...any suggestions for an apt substitute? I guess it's in the recipe for the sake of variety (the ingredients are layered)and perhaps texture. By the way I am also averse to courgettes and eggplant...I promise I am not usually this difficult.


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  1. Try a rutabaga instead. You won't get the flavor intended in the recipe but its the right consistency
    to act as a substitute.

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    1. re: christina z

      That's exactly what instantly came to my mind, too. Rutabagas are a woefully underused vegetable.

      1. re: Karl S.

        Let's hear it for rutabaga! I third the recommendation. Don't like celery or anything remotely resembling it in flavor, either.

    2. if you wanted something with a little more character and sweetness you could use parsnips, they're perfect with potatoes, less watery than a rutabaga and have a nicer texture, especially when sliced very thinly.

      1. Not sure they're in season, but Jerusalem Artichokes might work.

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          You and I must have been posting simultaneously, because my message (which--spookily-- has the same content) didn't post and I had to do it again.

        2. Jerusalem artichoke would work well.

          1. c

            I'd use one of the other suggested root vegetables, but I think for flavor substitution, try celery seed. Crush a few up and add those in there. If you want...