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Feb 11, 2002 10:33 PM

How to soothe my sweet tooth in a diabetic household?

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Here's the good news: I'm pregnant. As I'm of fairly average weight, I see no point in letting guilt get in the way of my sugary food cravings. Granted, they're not all that crazy -- hey, switching from Diet Coke to sugary Sprite! Woohoo!!

Bad news: the hubby is type 1 diabetic (insulin-dependent). A RECENT type 1. This means that he hasn't had experience in controlling it, and sugar is like crack to him. It's just as hard to keep him away from it too. (The worst part about being insulin-dependent is that he can rationalize everything; if he cheats, he just takes more insulin to compensate.)

Therefore, when I bring home Ben & Jerry's Phish Food to devour late at night, I wake up in the morning and it's gone, without my ever having touched it. Aside from the fact that I'm deprived of my food, he's eating stuff he shouldn't be, behind my back. Hiding food does no good, as he's home a lot when I'm not and our apartment is small (he finds everything).

What can I do? I need sweets, as well as carbs. Any ideas for low-sugar alternatives and/or recipes (we can't cook, but we like to try) that I can enjoy and don't have to worry about him touching?

Thanks so much for your help! :-)

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  1. there is a product line called, I think, 50-50 that is sweets for diabetics. The sweetener is primarily fructose.


    1. There is a ton of sugar free snack food available these days. In the Ralphs supermarket in Chino Hills, CA that I visit there is almost an entire aisle of it. The stuff they make these days is not bad, no sugar, tastes pretty good, but still has carbos. I bought some chocolate bars recently with a brand name of Fifty Fifty that tasted like the real thing.

      Try and get your husband to check out the sugar free stuff. It is tough having to give up the sugar cold turkey, I have been there. Is your husband checking his blood sugar daily, more than one time a day? He needs to check his blood sugar and chart it from day to day, that may help him incent himself to control it.

      Try not to eat sugar laden food in front of him, but he has to also make an effort to control himself. Believe me, I know how hard that can be.

      You might also try some of the sugar free stuff yourself. If it sooths your craving it won't be as dangerous to have in the house.

      I have also noticed that my Ralphs also frequenty has sugar free pies, and usually you can find sugar free ice cream.

      1. Run "Stevia" through your search engine. It is about 300 times sweeter than sugar, and is natural. Powder is best...but liquid might be more convenient. There are some cookbooks devoted to stevia in cooking.

        1. Check out Splenda, the best-tasting sugar substitute I've tried, and you can cook with it. It works for sweetening, so you can use it for some kinds of cakes, but it will change the texture of something that calls for a lot of sugar. (Just like leaving the sugar out does) If you use it to fix him snacks he craves, you can head off him eating stuff that's really bad for him out of desperation.

          Make sure he always has something he can snack on around the house. Deprivation will make him do irrational things.