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Feb 11, 2002 12:31 PM

Hormel Chow Site

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Hi All
I just found this very strange web site, I thought someone might be interested, I found it fascinating. It's the kind of weird chow-hound melding of things that's so great about food culture. Basically it's a english-language web site for an asian foods subsidiary of Hormel, but they have all these very strange western-eastern recipies on the site. They're a combonation of Betty Crocker and Phillippino. I'd also be interested to know if anyone out there has ever eaten the products they describe, or has eaten any of the recipies they list.



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  1. I found the Purefoods site about a year ago and was really fascinated. I got a special kick out of Fiesta Ham on Rambutan-Lychee Glaze and Corned Beef Lasagna, though I didn't actually attempt making either.

    My new favorite foreign food site is Caterplan, which appears to be affliated with Best Foods Asia. The recipes are slightly more upscale and fusion-y than the Purefoods offerings. It's totally baffling and out of control. The sandwich and burger section is filled with peculiar, yet enticing combos like Smoked Salmon with Pandan Dressing Sandwich and Grilled and Frankfurters and Satay Baked Bean Sandwich. It's hard to resist descriptions like, "Kiwi Egg and Strawberry Jelly Sandwich with a typically Asian Yakiniku Dressing in a Doughnut." I really want to make this stuff, but I don't know who else other than myself would want to eat any of it!