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Feb 11, 2002 09:23 AM

another fruit question - Lulo (naranjilla sp?)

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I was at a colombian place this weekend and saw they were offering a number of fruit juices (either mixed in milk or water) One of these was "lulo". The whole menu had spanish translations and "lulo" was translated as "lulo(naranjilla)" I had never heard of it, and asked the waiter what it was. He told me it was like a big green orange only more sour. Thinking this might be my beloved indian mosambi I quickly ordered two(both in water and in milk). What arrived was something bright (pistachio) green, thick (both in water and milk)kinda pulpy and definitely not a mosambi. It was tart but not in a citric lime/orange way. Anybody have any info on this one?

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    Out-of-work Cook

    In her book "Latin & Caribbean Crocery Stores Demystified" Linda Bladholm says:
    "Also called lulu and naranjillo, meaning 'little orange' or lulun in Mexico and naranjita de quito in Peru. This fruit's flesh is translucent green or yellowish, very juicy, and slightly acidic with a floral-citrus aroma and pineapple-lemon flavor. Add the green pulp to blender drinks, mixed with a little sugar and apple or pineapple juice. Also good whirled with banana or honeydew melon. The fruit is also sold canned -- look for the Solo Fruta brand from Ecuador in 20-ounce cans; Tropifruit in 26-ounce jars, halved in syrupl and La Fe in 18-ounce jars."