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Feb 10, 2002 04:07 PM

Kitchen fireplace conversion (UK)

  • j

We are planning a substantial refit of our kitchen.

One end of the kitchen has an Aga cooker; the other has a smallish Victorian fireplace originally intended for burning coal.

I would like to see whether it's possible to convert the fireplace into a "cooking fireplace", capable of grilling and spit-roasting foods. I suspect I will need to add some sort of extractor fan at the top of the chimney.

Would be grateful if anyone knows of (1) experts in fireplace design and conversion, but for cookery not just for decoration; in particular I think we need counsel on whether the flue is large enough to allow for cooking. (2) sources for a high quality rotisserie that can be built into the unit.

All this is taking place in the UK, so sources either here or in continential Europe would be most helpful.

Thanks for any advice you can give!

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  1. q

    You are in a great place to investigate the soapstone fireplaces. A wonderful source of radient heat, they are also good for cooking in and on. Ther are many many options for their style and accessories.

    CHeck them out and keep my informed, I am interested in one in the living room.