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Where can I buy a coconut?

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Searched high and low, Filipino and Asian markets with no luck. All I can find is sliced coconut. Thx.

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  1. I know this is not a quick or convenient way, but coconuts can be mailed from Hawai'i. No container required, just a label and enough postage. So you can ask a friend in the Islands or you can websearch for a supplier in the Islands who will be willing to ship.

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      Where are you? What city? Here in Sacramento, CA I can buy young coconuts in any Asian market. I can also buy mature coconuts there as well as in any supermarket.

      You can buy coconuts on-line at www.melissas.com

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      Wendy Leonard

      I'm confused by your question...I have always bought coconuts at my local supermarket--King Kullen. They're usually next to the onions and potatoes.

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        Really? Whole coconuts? Where is the King Kullen?

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          I get whole coconuts at Fred Meyer and sometimes at Albertson's.

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            Wendy Leonard

            Well, I live on Long Island and this King Kullen is in Rockville Centre. When I go there tomorrow I'll check; I haven't bought one in a couple of months. But I've always bought whole coconuts in supermarkets--I used to live in Astoria (Queens) and there I bought them at a C-Town.

        2. Glenn, where do you live? I'll bet any city with a large Hispanic population has fresh ones everywhere. Post your question on the board specific to your area (CA? NYC?) and you're sure to get the help you need.

          1. Glenn... You havn't said where you live... In my area (Westchester County NY)every supermarket sells coconuts all year long.

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              I should have mentioned I am looking for a coconut with the shell on (so I could have avoided some of the wise cracks). I live in Jersey City and coconuts are abundant here, especially on India Way, but, although they're whole, the shell is off. Thanks anyhow.

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                Why are you looking for a coconut with the husk on? They are almost impossible to remove... except young juice coconuts which you lop off the top with a machete enough to stick in a straw... I have seen coconuts with the husk in various markets in Chinatown...

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                  My wife, who's Filipino, needs to give a demonstration on how to slice one of them from scratch. Don't ask :). She needs it by Tuesday so it's proibably too late; no time to roam around Chinatown.

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                  Wendy Leonard

                  What do you mean, the shell? Do you mean the green husk that is around the coconut when you pick it off the tree? All the coconuts for sale here in the supermarket have the brown shell on, with coconut water inside. I doubt you would find one with the green husk. Why do you need that?

              2. i bought one at the ummm... grocery store once.