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Feb 8, 2002 07:47 AM

Wall ovens

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Now that I have decided to get a Dacor gas cooktop rather than a dual fuel range I need to hear your thoughts on double wall convection ovens. We're looking at Thermador, Kitchen Aid, GE, etc. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. I don't know about particular brands but you might want to consider the types of things you bake most often. When I cooked Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house last year I had a heck of a time lifting the hot 15 lb. turkey out her wall oven. The pan juices really sloshed around. I had never thought about this and it made me think about how much easier it is to lift a heavy roasting pan UP and out of a below-the-counter oven. Do you ever use a bain marie(sp?)? How heavy are your roasting pans? My dreams about wall ovens are now put to rest. You might consider one wall oven and one below the counter model.

    1. I love to cook and decided to remodel our kitchen two years ago. I went to Pacific Sales and talked to the Manager about what I should buy. His first ? was how much do you want to spend? I told him "no limits". He then gave me the answers which are: VIKING RANGE TOP w/ 4 burners , griddle, char broil, next, Thermador 30inch double Roast Convection Oven, next Broan Range Hood with Granger EJECTOR motor(totally silent)and 2300cfm which is twice the power of most industrial hoods, next Kitchen Aid S/S dishwasher which cost the same as the Miele or Bosch but has other advantages like it's made here! I bought all of the above and am more than happy. I go to my friends houses that have other brands and types of these items and am always disappointed when I cook on them.

      1. I bought a DCS double wall oven last year and absolutely love them.

        1. Not exactly applicable but we have been on our second double wall oven (the first was a chambers) for about 4 years. It is a Kitchen Aid and very reliable and satisfactory. The chambers' (I THINK their oven unit was made by Thermodor or Jenn-Air) had two major thermostat failures in the oven portion - ours was and is a combo electric conventional/microwave rather than a convection set up.

          The two points Id like to mention are this:

          Make sure the pans you care about are gonna fit - the interior space in wall ovens are too small for the biggest roasting pans, cookie sheets, aluminum trays etc.
          Make sure you have excellent room ventilation or an externally venting unit - these units often vent into the room instead of to the outdoors, which can make for a smoky room and strong cooking odors when you are roasting, etc.
          Neither oven in a double oven set up will be at the optimum height for access, but on the whole, I find it quite convenient.

          With these caveats, I love my wall oven.

          1. Does anyone frequently use their Convection setting. My oven is both conventional and convection. In the years I've owned it, I have used the convection setting once, and I think that was to test it on a frozen pizza.

            The fact is, all my recipes are for conventional. I wouldn't have any idea how to accurately convert them. Is there a simple formula that I should be aware of? Are there particular items that turn out better with convectional use? If not, why did I pay an extra $1,000 for this feature?


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              Hi Bill!

              You did not mention what brand convection oven you have. Most manufacturers suggest you lower the temp by 25 degrees when using a conventional oven recipe. I believe the GE ranges have the temp differential built in, so the recipe temp should remain the same. You really need to read the Use & Care manual. At the risk of getting you annoyed at me --> You really need to read the Use & Care manual. If it is not in your possession, you can either go online and download the manual, or call the 800 number and request one. Then read it, please. It is a shame to have a wonderful technology available and not use it. Don't let it scare you.

              Several years ago I worked in the Maytag R&D test lab (Jenn-Air, Maytag, Magic Chef, etc). In addition to testing company produced ranges, I also tested competitors' wall ovens and ranges. If you love to bake, a convection oven can be very nice...

              Convection heat is excellent for baking and roasting meats, and roasting vegetables. And depending upon your brand, it can be wonderful for 3-rack (baked goods) baking, especially cookies. I am a pastry chef and I love to bake at home; I will not bore you with the details, but last year I purchased and almost immediately returned a GE convection range because it was incapable of their marketers promise to do 3-rack baking. They picked up the oven and told me I was not allowed to purchase anymore GE cooking products. Banned from GE!

              Good luck.

              1. re: Mimi

                You were banned from GE? That is so funny, I can't stop laughing. How exactly do they enforce something like that? Would they send in a SWAT team if you tried to buy a blender at your local department store? Would they put the store on lock-down? "Everyone remain calm, just a slight problem, Mimi is trying to buy a blender and she has been BANNED FROM GE! We will have the situation under control shortly. We can't let just anyone buy GE!" Sounds like fabulous customer service, unhappy with one of our products, don't ever try to buy anything from us again. Once again proving that the customer is not always right, the customer is the enemy.

                1. re: Persephone

                  After I started baking in their oven, I found it could not do 3-rack baking. I called them for help, but they kept saying it was my fault. It must be that I used margarine, but if I used butter, then THAT was the problem. Or I was using the wrong cookie trays, or my recipes were bad. It was all about me and how I screwed up. Sorry folks, I am a professional pastry chef/baker/former bakery owner. All I wanted was a home oven I could use for 3-rack baking. They demanded to know why I thought that would ever happen. It was right after I told them which page in their Use & Care manual they could find that information, that they banned me from purchasing their products.

                  When they first told me, I was so embarrassed I couldn't even tell my husband. Now I found it supremely funny. Thank you for your reply.

                  1. re: Mimi

                    How's this for a little bit of irony - we just found out that GE has bought the company my husband works for. I hope they treat their employees better than their dissatisfied costumers.

                    I'm glad you think your GE ban is funny now, it must have been so infuriating at the time. They should have bent over backward to try to make you happy after they mistated their product's performance. It is sad that in so many cases customer service has become a joke.