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Feb 7, 2002 10:36 PM

Hunk 'o skate--Court Boillon or Pan Fry

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I bought a gorgeous chunk of skinless skate wing today. I want to make skate with brown butter and capers. Half the recipes suggest dredging and pan-frying, while the other half recommend court-boillion. Which would you guys recommend?

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  1. I have always cooked skate in a hot pan with butter. I would think it would fall apart being boiled, it is rather fragile when cooked.


    1. Court-bouillion all the way. Be very careful to keep it at a nice low simmer or the skate will turn into shreds. Prepare the brown butter with capers separately, pour it over the skate just taken from the court-bouillion and there you go. We had just such a meal (although we had to clean the skate wing ourselves) on New Years Eve in Chicago (actually western suburbs that night) I think three years ago when we got blitzed by about 2-3 feet of snow. It was a lovely dinner, and luckily I had also brought along some veal scallopine and other emergency provisions from Gino's on Harlem Ave. in Elmwood Park.

      Needless to say, we survived, and got home.


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        Annieb is dead on, I think. Skate is sually fried in smaller pieces (and often as fake scallops). But do not boil it---poach it. Black butter is simplicity itself.

        Nice to know that skate can be obtained again. For forty years it was thrown away as trash (but it was once on NY menus' in the 1960's)