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Feb 7, 2002 08:08 PM

food reference

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Sometimes I don't know what you're talking about and sometimes this helps:


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  1. Very cool reference. I have bookmarked this site!
    Thank you, Kim

    1. wow. ditto what Kim said. Thanks much!

      1. Here's another almost overwhelming resource I just discovered.


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        1. re: Deven Black

          Very interesting. It has little personal sites along with much bigger "professional" ones. Unfortunately a bunch of the links are out of date.

        2. Even hipper, all-in-one searchable (rather than split up like and VERY VERY VERY reliable (it's a standard reference for food writers) is the Epicurious food dictionary linked at the bottom of this posting.

          The same info is also available in (inexpensive) book format (also highly recommended), at amazon at:

          I urge readers to surf our recommended books page and our links page ("Other chowish sites"), all linked to via our homepage. Both the above are listed.


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          1. re: Jim Leff

            The epicurious site is the 3rd one down on the list.

            One curious thing about yourdictionary is that they have a very tight relationship with merriam-webster site but to get the pronunciations you have to go to But that may be since the pronunciation feature is relatively new.

            My focus on web references started the other day when I wondered about a word used for a category of food on many Queens Mexican menus. Still have not found it. Sure I could ask here and get a bunch of answers but then I wouldn't have anything to suck up all my free time.

            Remains to be seen if I can find it or will have to resort the ultimate reference resource:

            1. re: wrayb

              C'mon, tell us what you need. That kind of thing is what we do best (literally!). Sorry to boast.