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Feb 2, 2002 04:21 PM

Reheating Beef?

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Reheating beef (and other meats) often makes it taste mousy or something. Does anyone have a reheating method that makes it taste freshly cooked? If it matters, I want to reheat a tri-tip roast that I cooked via the "brown then into the oven still in a cast iron skillet" method.

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  1. I imagine that if one tried to re-heat meat that had been dry roasted, by just putting the uncovered meat back in the oven, the results would be really dry and mealy. Maybe if you wanted to reheat say a standing rib roast, you should cover it in foil and add a little liquid to the pan first. I would definately not turn the thermostat up too high.

    The best way I get around this problem if I have roasted a rib rack or a filet, is I either make sure we consume all of it in one sitting. Or I enjoy some really nice cold medium-rare beef with maybe some horseradish and mustard, rather than re-heating.

    Pot roast on the other hand re-heats reall well.

    1. If you make your roasts very rare, as I do, you can let it get to room temperature, then sear the outside quickly. However, I agree with Chino Wayne that the best way to use it is at room temperature in sandwiches or with some horseradish sauce, chutney, etc.

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        As other posters have indicated, roasted or grilled beef can't be re-experienced in its original form without significant degradation. Why not think of it in terms of several different meals following the initial hot roast out-of-the-oven?

        Fajitas: Saute peppers, onions and garlic until thoroughly cooked. Toss sliced, room temp tri-tip in for a few moments to warm through.

        Tacos or burritos al carbon: Julienne or dice beef, and briefly heat in a saute pan.

        Any number of Chinese stir-frys.

        Tri-tip sandwiches are awesome. So is Vietnamese beef salad.