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Savory waffles

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I'm looking for savory, non-breakfast waffle ideas and/or recipes...have searched here and epicurious.com...no luck, other than references to fried chicken and waffles (a treat, but deep frying is more mess and work than I have in mind). Any good ideas out there for toppings or variations in the batter itself that would make a good dinner?

Thanks for any thoughts,


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  1. At the Magnolia Cafe in Durham, NC I had a fabulous appetizer.

    Savory Corn Waffle w/ sweetbreads and pancetta and a rich sauce I can't remember but was terrific.

    Their cookbook may have the recipe.

    Link: http://www.magnoliagrillcookbook.com/...

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      Brandon Nelson


      How about waffles with some thick chunky chowder. I could go for that. Cornmeal waffles would be lovely topped with chili. Come to think of it some cheddar cheese in those cornmeal waffles would be extra yummy. Topping them with sausage and cream gravy is still breakfasty, but I love "breakfast food" any time of day.


      1. I have been thinking about savory waffles for some time, but too lazy to get at it. You might try a cornbread type mix with diced jalapenas and sun-dried tomatoes, and maybe some cheese stirred in.

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          Caitlin McGrath

          Something a boyfriend of my (divorced!) mom's did for weekend breakfast that would also be good for dinner (probably in combo with other suggestions) was cornmeal waffles with a cooked, though not crunchy-dry, piece of bacon embedded in the batter of each waffle section after the batter was poured on the iron.

          1. I must confess one of my favorite munchie foods for breakfast is Gouda cheese between two hot sourdough waffles. If you get a sourdough starter it should have a waffle recipe with it.

            1. Here are some links to savory waffle recipes:









              You should also look for the book called Waffles: From Morning to Midnight by Dorie Greenspan. It contains lots of savory waffle recipes.


              --Nancy Berry--
              San Francisco

              1. I must confess one of my favorite munchie foods for breakfast is Gouda cheese between two hot sourdough waffles. If you get a sourdough starter it should have a waffle recipe with it.

                1. Funny that I should see your post. . .I just saw the Feb issue of Vegetarian Times and it had a feature on waffles, including many savory ones. Can't say it floats my boat, I like mine traditional with butter and syrup!!

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                    I like them with caramelized onions and sour cream. Yum! I'm not big on traditional breakfast foods. I wish more places had non-egg savory options!

                    1. I helped my nephew make a very basic egg salad from a kids' cookbook the other day. I've never been an egg salad fan - eggs can't look or taste like eggs for me to enjoy, and they can't chirp! They must be well seasoned!

                      I digress...

                      The thought that keeps running thru my head is how great that would be on a savory waffle! Since you can season the eggs any way you want....

                      It was as follows:

                      2 hard boiled eggs
                      2 tablespoons of mayonnaise (I think - we only used 1 egg so halved it)
                      1/2 tsp celery salt
                      1/4 tsp pepper

                      We put some chopped smoked ham and a crumbled ritz cracker and some grill seasoning in it. :)

                      1. Add curry powder and extra cumin to your batter. Use as a base for creamy chicken or a mixed vegetable saute.

                        Add cooked, squeezed, spinach to the batter. A good platform for seafood or vegetables.

                        1. I love savory waffles. A fun cookbook is Waffles From Morning To Midnight. I've gotten a lot of inspiration from that book. I also like to slice raw eggplant, dip in beaten egg, roll in parm. and then cook in the wafflebaker.

                          1. I live in the New Orleans area and grew up eating sloppy roast beef on French bread, but I have Celiac disease and can't eat wheat gluten. Since the gluten free bread is so crumbly, I eat the roast beef w/ mayo and lettuce on a waffle. Fried eggs are great on waffles also.

                            1. I've made an herbed waffle with a seafood newburg sauce that was really tasty.

                              1. Best waffles ever were not-sweet pumpkin waffles at Sarabeth's Cafe in NYC. Served with sour cream, sunflower seeds (nicely toasted) and honey on the side. Sooooo good.

                                1. Hi, I just purchased a heart-shaped waffle maker because I read about a yeast-batter recipe in the latest Food and Wine magazine that sounded delicious. I thought that summer entertaining with waffles and various toppings might be a fresh way feed guests for brunch or a light supper. Fresh fruit, raspberries, blueberries and white peaches macerated with fresh lemon juice, a little sweetener might be tasty with a dollop of creme fraiche. However, what truly interests me is coming up with some savory toppings for waffles that might be more of a meal than a dessert. So here's a couple of ideas: a creamy fresh spinach and mushroom combo: saute shallots in a little butter, brown wild mushrooms until golden, add fresh spinach leaves and when cooked, sprinkle with a little light cream dusted with nutmeg. Thicken with a little cornstarch if needed and serve on top of waffles. Another idea would be to shred poached chicken (skinned, boned chicken thighs poached in broth with scallions and ginger) and cook with mushrooms in a broth, thickened with a little cream/cornstarch. Finally, pancetta browned with shallots, gruyere cheese grated and melted with fresh spinach or watercress leaves cooked lightly.

                                    1. http://www.waffleizer.com/

                                      Is a fun site with recipes for non-waffle waffle-iron use

                                      1. One of my favorite cookbooks has a recipe for "Blue Corn Wild Rice Waffles with Candied Salmon and Smoky Ancho-Tequila Cream" (on another recipe they call for substituting avocado if candied salmon isn't available). I couldn't find a printed version online, but I did find photos someone took of the pages from the cookbook. I think they cut off some of the instructions though.

                                        http://www.flickr.com/photos/karmagir... and