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What to do with orange vodka?

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I recently received a gift of a very large bottle of Grey Goose orange vodka. Any delicious recipes out there for orange vodka? The grey goose website had only a couple. Thanks.

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  1. Make a harvey wallbanger cake with it!!!!

    1. Not sure if you want drink recipes (tons of which you can find on a Google search) or baking or cooking recipes, but here are a couple I found:

      Pecan Crusted Chicken with Orange Vodka Sauce -

      Screwdriver Carrot Cake - http://www.pastrywiz.com/archive/scre...

      1. If it's drinks you're after... this is one of those things like peanut-butter-'n'-bacon sandwiches that sounds truly gross but isn't... use it for Bloody Mary's. Really. S'good.

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          Janet A. Zimmerman

          That's funny -- a while back I had a very good bloody mary at a bar and asked the bartender his secret. He said he added just a splash of orange juice. I've been doing that ever since (just a teaspoon or so per drink). It never occurred to me to use orange vodka though -- I thought it was the extra acid in the OJ that perked up the tomato juice, but maybe it's the orange flavor itself.

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            Chilled tomato and orange juice, with fresh lime juice, a splash of grenadine and hot pepper sauce are the ingredients of Sangrita, a sweet-sour-spicy accompaniment to neat tequila. I suppose one could also mix the tequila right into the sangrita to make a Bloody Maria.

        2. Definitely a chocolate martini. Just mix with clear creme de cacao; people very widely on their desired proportions. Orange vodka is better than adding orange curucao/triple sec/cointreau to plain vodka.

          1. Run! Go quickly, come back slowly. (Sorry, my anti-vodka prejudices are showing...)

            Come to think of it, a very strongly-flavored orange vodka might be just the thing for dry classic cocktails. You could substitute orange vodka for Curaco, Grand Marnier, or Triple Sec, and sweeten to taste with simple syrup.

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                Put a few scoops of orange sherbet or orange Italian ice in a blender with the orange vodka and ice in a blender. Blend until it's the consistency you like and enjoy a delicious slushy drink.

              2. If you have an ice cream maker, you could add a little bit (like a tablespoon or two) to a sorbet base to give it a little extra something. But don't add too much or the sorbet won't freeze.

                1. A chowhound gave me this recipe and it's fabulous. Make a martini with orange vodka and replace vermouth with a little white Lillet. Twist of orange peel finishes it nicely.

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                    Thanks. I tried your suggestion Satuday night, and you're right. What a delicious, refreshing, surprising drink!!

                  2. two years ago i went to my sister's for christmas eve. my brother set up a bar with several bottles of orange vodka and some cranberry juice. i dont drink often but i drank bout two glasses of it that night and still dont remember falling asleep (or much else).
                    my suggestion is clear all the dishes from the sink, remove the cap very carefully from the bottle, and pour it down the drain. ill NEVER touch orange vodka again. the room spins as i remember and write this. :((. :P.

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                      To paraphrase Shakespeare (something I do even less often than you imbibe):

                      .the fault lies not in the orange vodka but in our selves.

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                        grouchy chef

                        hehe. i hear ya:P.

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                          It really makes my day when I can get someone named Grouchy Chef to smile!

                    2. Mix with cream soda for a Fizzy Creamsicle.

                      Mix with vanilla stoli for a Creamsicle Martini.

                      1. Orange vodka makes the best Cosmopolitan. I know it's a wimp martini, but I'm not a big drinker. FYI I discovered this at PG/Pattigeorge's restauant in Longboat Key, FL.