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Jan 29, 2002 06:15 AM

What Food with Le Petit Cheval '98 ?

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Le Petit Cheval is the second lable of Cheval Blanc ;
The bottle cost me $43 so I'd like to get the perfect match.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. Vincent I have a couple of ideas for you. If you really want a fine, complex wine be the star of the meal then consider serving a fairly simple straightforward entree. For Bordeaux it's usually red meat. For this Bordeaux I would consider beef or lamb with a touch of herbs, the Cab Franc in this wine has a lovely herbal nuance and it could go well. Also consider that this is a young wine so you might want to give it some help by including mushrooms, which could help soften the tannins. When you open the wine taste it, if it seems very tannic, you might want to decant it in order to expose it to alot of oxygen quickly and help it mellow just a bit. With that being said also know that Cheval Blanc has a rep for drinking well sooner than most other big time Bordeaux. Just a few thoughts, I'm sure you'll get others as well.