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What's your favorite all time campy film

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It's my turn to host video night this saturday night. What's a good campy film to show...any ideas. I was thinking Plan 9 From Outer Space or the silent flick Metropolis. Thanks,Richie

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    Christine Vallejo

    My favorite all time film is "Strictly Ballroom" which has a fair amount of camp to it.

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      michael (mea culpa)

      I don't know if it's my favorite, but "Joanna" is very campy.

      1. You simply can't beat Beyond the Valley of the Dolls!

        1. The funniest bad movie I can remember seeing is the Bo Derek Tarzan. Not for everybody b/c of the nudity, but for misguidedly hilarious filmmaking it is hard to beat. Especially the scene where the dying Richard Harris says a long farewell to his naked, green-painted daughter while impaled on a giant tusk. Hard to beat that for awkward set-up and failed pathos.

          1. I would vote for "The Ritz" or, to give it a vaguely Chowhound theme, "Eating Raoul".

            1. This is not the forum for this question. Please move the discussion to the "Not about food" board.

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                You're quite right of course. Richie was misdirected by none other than the Chowhound Team! Sorry about that folks! Momentum is being gained on this thread as we speak. Not About Food is where this thread belongs.

              2. I won't get into defining camp, other than to site Susan Sontag's breatkthrough essay, but the list of movies so far demonstrates that camp is most certainly in the eye/sensibility of the beholder. It's a VERY long way from BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS to STRICTLY BALLROOM!

                Ed Wood made a surprising (given everything) number of movies besides PLAN 9 (arguably his best/worst). It might be good to screen ED WOOD (the Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp) first, while people are still relatively "sober," then dive into GLEN OR GLENDA.

                Some of the best "camp" movies are unavailable for sale or rental, sometimes for legal reasons, sometimes just because of sheer obscurity, but they crop up in various peoples' collections. I'm thinking of COBRA WOMAN, MYRA BRECKINRIDGE, ONE MILLION YEARS B.C., CAGED, TROG, and WICKED WOMAN, each of which is an unqualified masterpiece of "camp." If you can find any of these, your Saturday night will certainly shine!

                1. No contest...The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Especially the scene with about 20 FBI men in the small closet.

                  1. "The Loved One", the 1964-ish black comedy taken from Evelyn Waugh's novel. Robert Morse, Jonathan Winters, Robert Morley, Anjanette Comer, a very young Paul Williams, and Rod Steiger mincing around as "Joy Boy". The scenes involving Joy Boy's mother and food will entertain any chowhound.

                    1. First prize would have to go to The Attack of the 50-Foot Woman. You've got a pissed-off giantess roaming the countryside in her nightie in search of her philandering husband, calling out in a basso profundo, " HARRY......HARRY...".
                      Second prize goes to Valley of the Dolls, with Patty Duke spitting out pearls of priceless dialogue like, "Ted Casablanca ISN'T a faggot--and I'm just the dame to prove it!"
                      Runner-up goes to Anne Baxter's howl of frustration to Yul Brynner in The Ten Commandments, "You're not a god---you're not even a MAN!!!!"
                      Oh, Mary!

                      1. Psycho Beach Party. Most certainly a vivid campy send-up of 60s beach movies and B horror flicks.

                        1. Meet me on the Not about Food board, for my picks. pat