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Jan 27, 2002 03:05 PM

NYC to Boston for a Burrito

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This was in today's NYT. I haven't tried Anna's Tacqueria...supposed to be good, but I have a hard time believing that there isn't equal or better in NYC..but I admire the writer's determination in hunting down her fave...something most of us can relate to.


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  1. Well, as for buritos a) it seems she that in NY she has only gone to those california themed chain stores for buritos and b) she was mostly missing some comfort food of her college days. It says that she is the "travel producer" for but her looking for seat belts shows she has never ridden on a bus before. All in all a bit entertaining but a Z Generation fluff piece.

    On the other hand, she did figure out those bus schedules. I saw those buses lining up across the street from Eldo bakery in Boston Chinatown. I didn't imagine that they would be so cheap. Perhaps that may be the path for me to join you proper Bostonian 'hounds for dim sum some weekend.

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      I thought it was a chance for the Boston chowhounds to go RIGHT to ctown in NY for dim sum!! BTW, 9lives, Anna's IS very good; it's my top pick for the grilled veggie burrito(there's one in Coolidge Corner right on the green line!), my only problem with them, and it's not a problem, is that they don't have a fish or shrimp burrito...Their beans are good, and the grilled veg. not overcooked or oily...I guess this should go back to the Boston board!! (g)