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Jan 27, 2002 12:46 PM

leftover creamy "scrambled" eggs

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Does anyone have a suggestion for using delicious leftover small curd creamy scrambled eggs that have been drizzled with truffle oil? They're too good to toss after all that stirring!

I have some pate brisee in the fridge for an onion tart I'm making and am thinking of using any excess for a little empandas. But there must be other uses, too. I'm open for sweet suggesions, too, for next time.

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  1. Spoon them on toast points, top with lox or caviar.

    1. Mmmm. but remember to use em quick (next day preferably)

      had leftover creamy scrambled egg which i stashed in the fridge... a couple of days later it bore a remarkable resemblance to curdled vomit ;-(

      on the sweet front i guess you'd have to hold the salt, pepper and truffle oil when you do the original mix... but maybe heap in a pate sucree case with honey/liqueur or honey/nuts/cardamon/rosewater if you're doing the mideast thing? glaze with honey or sugar?

      haven't seen many sweet scrambled egg recipes. the only ones i can recall are a sweet omlette from apicius (made with eggs, cooked with olive oil, drizzled with honey) and omlette rothschild at gavroche in london (eggs, sugar, liqueur (cointreau i think)).



      1. Try chopping or dicing them, and dropping them into a soup, creamy or clear.

        1. Make a breakfast burrito.

          Wrap them in tortillas with whatever you've got around. Beans, avocado, grilled veggies, rice, etc.

          1. I'd make fried rice. Emeril has a great, albeit unauthentic, recipe on the TV Food network website.