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Jan 27, 2002 10:16 AM

Huile d'Argon?

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I have been working in France (Provence) for just over 6 months at a Michelin two star here and we use this oil drizzled over our lobster salad. I also was watching a day out with Guy Martin on television, and he stopped at this gourmet grocerie store and specifically pointed it out to all the viewers, saying something to the effect that it was amazing stuff. I know it is imported from Marocco and it has a inobtrusively musky scent (which I don't particularly like or dislike). Just curious to know what it is.



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  1. Simon,

    Take a look at the link below - scroll down to 'ARGAN OIL' on the page.


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      That's an excellent link describing argan oil. It's excellent in salads and I even add a little to corn bread (in addition to the butter) before I bake it. There's a Moroccan gentleman named Aziz Alaoui based in Canada who offers it at very good prices. You can also use it to make a traditional southern Moroccan treat call amalou, which is made from argan oil, ground almonds, and honey. Really wonderful, but also incredibly fattening.

      Paula Wolfert mentioned to me that it's very important that the oil be kept cool and in a dark place as it goes off easily. I store mine in the frige, which I know is not the best thing to do, but I don't use it quickly enough and don't want to get stuck with a bottle of rancid argan oil.

      If memory serves me correctly, Aziz' argan oil is produced by a women's cooperative near Essouira.

      And the goats really do climb up to the top of the argan trees in the Souss in Morocco! I had always thought it was trick photography until I saw it myself.


      1. re: Noel

        Thanks for the link T. Noel, how much does it cost, as my chef was telling me it was extremely expensive?

        1. re: Simon Woo

          I can't remember the cost at the moment, but I think it was about $30 US per liter. If you're interested, Aziz' website is You can contact him directly; he is a very nice gentleman.


          1. re: Noel

            Ooooops. I just realized that what I just posted might come under the category of advertising, which it is not. My intention was merely to share a resource (which I had a devil of a time tracking down!). I apologize if I violated the intent of this site to be "advertising-free." I realize now I have been more careful.


            1. re: Noel

              Not to worry, Noel. While we are adamant about keeping a hype-free zone and strict about requiring full disclosure of relationships to businesses under discussion, we do welcome the non-hypey sharing of valuable chow resources. Your post is in the spirit we welcome, providing that you have no undisclosed personal or professional relationship with the site or its owner.

              1. re: The Chowhound Team

                Thanks for the vote of confidence! I was starting to feel a bit like a sleazeball. LOL! No matter where you're able to locate it, argan oil is quite a treat and you should definitely give it a go. And the story about how it is made traditionally (picking up after the goats have done the harvesting, so to speak), always makes for amusing post-dinnertime conversation. Just be sure you know your guests well before you launch into it!!!!

                Chowhound is a nimroo wahed (No. 1) site. Thanks for the venue.