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Jan 26, 2002 01:00 PM

"Growing sprouts to watch and eat"

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Today the San Francisco Chronicle had the following article.


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  1. Right up there with growing lichen to eat and watching them grow for fast paced entertainment. So I guess that makes the Chia Pet fast food.

    1. I'd rather watch oysters grow, and then eat them.

      1. I can never recall if it's salmonella or E-Coli, but it started showing up in sprouts, including organic, some years back and no expert could figure out why for a long time.

        I think I read the tentative conclusion was contamination of unknown origin of the seeds, and scientists were trying to figure out how to make them safe. I've read suggestions for sterilizing them with bleach.

        So--for anyone in a high-risk group, be warned!

        1. My favrite is fava bean sprouts, made by soaking dried favas overnight then spreading them out between layers of damp paper towels on a cookie sheet. Two days in a dark cupboard should do it. Then stew them with soy, some shaoxing wine, some brown sugar. Madhur Jaffrey converted me to a sprout lover.