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Jan 15, 2002 12:15 PM

Does anyone know about preserved tuna?

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Asimov's review of cafe Bread mentions a sandwich made with preserved tuna. I guess it's Italian or Spanish. Does anyone know the difference between this and regular canned Mediterranean tuna? I don't think it's the same as botarga.


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  1. It's not the same as botarga.

    Try to find A's do mar tuna canned in portugal in olive oil. Sometimes it is relabeled in italian. It is the best. Flot is another good brand, available in cans or jars.

    My standard tuna is now a recipe from Penelope Casa's book Tapas. Don't have it in front of me, but it has tuna, dijon mustard, vinegar, pepper, minced onion, and ketchup. The recipe includes olive oil, which I omit because I use the oil in the can.

    The ketchup sounds weird but is wonderful. I use this for stuffing piquillo peppers, making canelones, or just on toast. Everyone raves. I do think it has a lot to do with the quality of the tuna. A's do Mar here in Chicago goes for about $3.50 a can. It's worth it.

    A year or so ago there was an article in Saveur about making your own preserved tuna. I did it and found that, while it was delicious, it was a lot of trouble and I had a hard time using up all the olive oil (which was supposed to be a bonus). And I think it ended up being more expensive than A's do Mar.

    I really do prefer A's do Mar, but Flot is good. I have abandoned regular tuna fish, although I will use the major Italian brand in a pinch in a white bean salad.

    Another kind of preserved tuna I had recently was a smoked tuna (in slices) in olive oil from Miguel and Valentina. For New Years. Was very nice.

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      Thanks so much for all this info! Your recipe sounds great.

    2. I think it may be "mojama", preserved tuna belly. It's like ham in texture. I bought some on line a while ago from La Espanola meats here in Southern California. You can find it on line at the link below.
      The general website for the business is

      G'Luck and hope you read this, a week or two late.