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Jan 10, 2002 11:29 PM

Two Recipes Lost

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I would love to have two dessert recipes, and maybe someone out there can help me.

1st: A layered dessert that was made with a chopped pecan, butter, flour crust. I think cream cheese was added to this (maybe with a little sugar), then sliced fresh strawberries or raspberries, raspberry or strawberry Jello-O, then whipped cream. I think chopped pecans were sprinkled on top with more fresh berries. Does anyone know this dessert? The woman who gave me the recipe is now deceased, and I've lost the recipe.

2nd: Several years ago I was visiting friends in Fallbrook, CA, and we went to a restaurant there that no longer exists. They served the best bread pudding I have ever eaten. It had apples and nuts in it, and you had a choice of lemon, rum or brandy sauce. The waitress said the woman who made it was not working that day, but that all the waitresses had the recipe at home. I had to leave for Los Angeles that night, and am still hitting my head with a rolling pin for not getting the waitress' phone number. Does anyone know this recipe?

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  1. As to the bread pudding, you might try doing a little detective work. Go to the site of the former restaurant and find out who the present proprietors bought the building from. Then call those people and ask them for contacts to any former staff from the restaurant. Go to any neighboring businesses that the staff may have patronized in their time off -- newstands, gas stations, etc, ask if they know the names of any of the waitstaff, chef, etc. Go to the real estate tax office or the commissioner of the revenue office and look up the restaurant's name; usually there will be a person's name connected. And like that.


    1. I think that the recipe you want is called Strawberry (or Raspberry) Pizza. You can find it at the following link: