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Jan 4, 2002 09:54 PM

Anyone remember "Toaster Pizzas?"

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I think Elio's made them. Back in the 80's it was what we lived on. The were round dough pockets that you cooked in the toaster. Filled with delicious sauce and cheese, liable to give you third degree burns if you didn't cool them enough.

I've been trying to find them everywhere, to no avail. My mom contacted Elio's while I was in college and told them that I would starve if they didn't put them back on the market. Elio's never answered.

Did my family just imagine these? Or were they real?


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  1. I remember them clearly, but not too fondly. I could never get them evenly heated. Often they burned my mouth from their scalding surface but luckily there was the heat extinguisher of a frozen tomato filling to put out the fire. They seemed more like mini italian eggrolls than pizza but I just didn't think they were well flavored. I hope you find them to relive the nostalgia though.

    Good luck.

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      No, no, they weren't like eggrolls, they were about 5 inches wide, round, and flat, no more than 1/4 inch thick. You put them in the regular toaster to cook them.

    2. If you don't find them, you could always try Amy's frozen pizza pockets. They can be heated up in the toaster oven (slow) or the microwave (much faster but not as crisp). You can find them in a natural foods store and sometimes in a supermarket.

      1. I've been trying my hardest to forget "Toaster Pizzas". Thanks for reminding me.

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          Richard Halpern

          Remember them?! I still have burns on my lips and chin from the too hot (at least arounds the edges)filling. I had them all of the time after school.

          A Google search reveals you're not the only one who is wistful about toaster pizza (see link below).


          1. Hmm.. can't say I've ever had a toaster pizza. The only thing that comes to mind really is McCain's Hot Pockets, or Pilsbury Pizza Pops.

            When they say you gotta let the thing rest after coming out of the oven for a couple minutes, they mean it! The thermal nuclear cheeze chunks need to balance out with the cooler bits to make the whole thing edible, unless you have an asbesto tongue.