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Dec 30, 2001 11:41 AM

egg weights

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Could someone refresh my lagging memory on the usual weight of different sized eggs? I'm mostly interested in total weight, but it would be helpful to also have it for the yolks and whites. (I have seen a chart somewhere, perhaps one of Berenbaum's books.)

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  1. From Beranbaum's Cake Bible:

    1 large egg w/o shell; 3 tbsps + 1/2 tsp; 1.75 oz; 50 grams
    1 large egg white; 2 tbsps; 1.05 oz; 30 grams
    1 large egg yolk; 3-1/2 tsps; 0.65 oz; 18.6 grams

    As for the difference in weight between sizes, I seem to recall that it's 3 oz per dozen between sizes. Hope this helps!

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    1. re: Dennison

      Thanks. This is exactly what I need: the recipe of course calls for large eggs; my fridge gives forth extra-large.

      Berenbaum's Bibles are on my to buy list. I really admire their informative quality. I wonder how many people FULLY follow her pie recommendations and whether the exacting procedure is justified by the results.

      1. re: Dennison

        According to the USDA
        Extra Large = 58.7 grams
        Jumbo = 65 g
        Large = 50 g
        Medium = 44 g
        Small = 37 g