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Dec 28, 2001 01:47 PM

Crowder peas

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The local stupor market actually had some fresh butter beans and crowder peas. Not too much trouble finding ways to cook the former. But the peas...I'd appreciate any tasty help. Thanks.

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  1. Crowder peas and blackeye peas are traditional in the south at the new year. If you do some internet searching, you will find recipes. My feeling about items like this that are hard to find is that I want to see what they taste like, which means cooking them very simply. I like to boil them and serve them with some butter, salt and pepper.

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      I like to make a stock with some country ham that comes packaged as "bits n' pieces", with just onion, celery, carrot. The bits n' pieces are really fatty, so I de-fat the stock, and then cook the peas in that with 1-2 jalapenos, cut in half.

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        i hate to be a dullard, but i've never even heard of a crowder pea. what's the difference between that and a blackeyed?

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      Rochelle McCune

      Being from the South, we eat them on New Years Day for good luck. Sometimes I make hoppin' john & or other traditional dishes, like Texas Caviar (which is just a cold bean salad, I have no idea where it got the fancy and misleading name). Most often I make a multi-bean soup with the dried peas.

      When I have fresh, I usually just saute onion, garlic & red bell pepper in olive oil (or bacon/bacon fat) & spices (cumin, jalapeno, hot sauce, whatever), add a little broth & the peas. Cook until done. Eat. The next day I smash the leftovers and make peacakes.

      Here's a link with some recipes...