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Dec 28, 2001 01:57 AM

A Chowish Christmas

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What did everybody get for Christmas related to eating, cooking and chowhounding?? My husband gave me a can opener. Yeah, I know he could use a little help in the gift least it was a zyliss.

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  1. My mother sent an electric wine opener. ??? Perhaps useful for frantic home bartenders serving a crowd of thirsty guests? Have not tried it yet.

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    1. re: Sarah C

      Angus beef steaks
      Excellent bottle of olive oil
      Three bottles vintage champagne
      Homemade chocolate truffles and dipped citrus peels to self. Five cases homemade mango chutney

    2. It was a great Christmas and Chanukah at our house! I got a fuzzy logic rice cooker, a mandoline, an immersion blender with a chopping attachment, and loads of cookbooks. My husband got an Italian ice cream maker -- it even has its own compressor. We both got an oven/smoker attachment for our outdoor campchef stove. We also got a box full of all sorts of sausage from Usinger's in Milwaukee and some fruitcakes from an abbey in Oregon -- no jokes -- I LOVE these fruitcakes!


      1. I got:
        A very cool instant read thermometer (when I say instant, I mean instant-not 10 seconds, not 4 seconds--I'll have to look up the name and website)
        Julia and Jacque Cooking at Home (see link below--I've read it cover to cover already)
        2 strainers
        A Rendezvous (memphis ribs) apron
        A wireless thermometer (for meat on the grill-transmits the temp wherever I am)
        A garlic mandoline
        A renewal to Cooks Illustrated

        I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot...


        1. Yep it was a good Christmas and centered around food dispite the low appetites from the flu going around.

          - Henkels steak knifes
          - Lb of Peets Aged Mocha Java
          - Bottle of Turley Zin
          - found a pound of chantrelles and some porcinis on Christmas Eve that made dinner all the merrier!

          1. A Braun stick blender ("boat motor"), a baguette baking pan, an enormous molcajete (that's a lava rock mortar and pestle for non-Southwestern chowhounds), and a White Mountain hand-crank 4-qt. ice cream freezer. I am absolutely on cloud nine.

            Now I can make potato soup, great salsa, and honey ice cream! WOOT!

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            1. re: PRSMDave

              I got a lava-rock molcajete a while back that I haven't used because I have been unable to rid it of grit. Anyone else have experience with this, and have recommendations? I've already gotten the "pitch it and get a better quality one" suggestion from my husband. Trouble is, this was the only molcajete I've seen around here. (I bought it in a Latin market.)

              1. re: zora

                Buy some ground corn (try pet feed stores, it's bird feed) and grind it until the surfaces approximate a smooth consistency. Then re-season by grinding peeled garlic with salt.

                1. re: zora
                  Rochelle McCune

                  Dave's idea is good. I used uncooked rice instead of ground corn.

                2. re: PRSMDave

                  Dave -- Here's a dessert idea from Bon Appetit for which you can use your new ice cream maker: A beautiful presention of lightly-syruped mixed fresh fruits in a shallow silver goblet, topped with a scoop of champagne ice cream, yowza. :o)


                  1. re: Cats

                    Mmmmm... *drool* I'd be using it right now except that it's rainy and clammy outside and ice cream doesn't go well with bigos that has been simmering in a crock pot all day.


                    I will absolutely try that later.