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Dec 17, 2001 03:33 PM

Home Brewing Kit

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Hello all: Being Christmas and all, I wanted to get a home brewing kit. I love beer, yet am completely clueless with the process, equipments, etc.

Does anyone have a good recommendations for Home Brewing Kits? Nothing too fancy, just something that would include everything that I could possibly need (even including bottles and caps, if applicable).


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  1. My boyfriend and I brew beer mostly dark beers, I am not sure where you would get a kit.Depending on where you live if you go to a brewing store they should able to get you started.

    As for bottles, we save the ones from beer we drink that have tops that can be capped again and sterilze them, it works well.

    1. Gil,

      Home brewing can pretty straightforward, if you can make soup, you can make beer. Like many other hobbies, you can spend lots on equipment if you go whole hog, or scrape by with very little. I would recommend starting small, and adding to your kit if you enjoy it.

      As mentioned, the best place to get a kit is at a local brewstore, where they can also give you advice on recipes, or on what to do when something goes wrong. There are plenty of online resources for brewing, so browse around.

      I would also recommend reading a short book on brewing, like "Better Beer and How to Brew It" by M.R. Reese. This is a bit like a dummies book for brewing, but very helpful for the beginner.

      1. William's Brewing has been around for a long time, and has quality products. Contact them at 800.759.6025 or link below.