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Dec 17, 2001 04:28 AM

Parker's Wine Buyer's Guide

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Does anyone know when the sixth edition of the Guide is due out?

Thank you

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  1. who cares? its the zagats of the wine world.

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    1. re: howler
      Fred and Wilma

      The person who asked cares. It's not our job to judge the question. If you think that someone is ill served with the guide why not suggest another? Your analogy is inaccurate.
      Zagat is a published survey of thousands of anonymous diners' thoughts about the restaurants while Paker's Guide is the work of ONE man's palate. So if you find yourself aligned with his tastes then it is a very useful tool. In answer to the original post, the 5th edition (1999) is still the only one listed on his publisher's website and there is no indication there of an upcoming 6th edition yet.


      1. re: Fred and Wilma
        michael (mea culpa)

        Actually, I recall reading that Parker had to hire an assistant. So, it's the opinion of two at this point. Of course, one well informed opinion may be worth far more than the notions of a plethora of sheep.

      2. re: howler
        Brandon Nelson


        It is possible to point out a resource you prefer without being snotty. I have come to expect a lot more out of you than a post like this.

        Happy Holidays to Ya!

        1. re: Brandon Nelson

          "It is possible to point out a resource you prefer without being snotty."

          dude, you are right, of course. my defense is i was at work and irritably reacted to a post. happy holidays to you, too.

          1. re: howler
            Brandon Nelson


            Chowhound is how a lot of us escape the dark side (work that is). I intend to tilt an eggnog + brandy to those who had a less than average day. Peace to you and yours, and to a better day tomorrow.


      3. I don't think it is out yet. I think his newsletters might have more current information. Nope, I don't think he is Zagat's of the wine world. I don't agree with some of his ratings but I enjoy reading the notes and information of the wineries. Besides, anybody who is a fan of Taylors Refresher in St. Helena CA isn't all that bad in my book!!

        1. The latest issue of Wine Spectator has their 100 best wines of the year and also a compendium of all of their special selections and best buy recommendations for the year. I have carried the little shopping guides with me since I subscribed last Christmas, and I haven't bought a bad (or even mediocre) bottle of wine all year.