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Dec 14, 2001 06:14 PM

Galician Almond Cake?

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Anyone have a recipe or stories about this Spanish cake?

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  1. more stories than i could put into any one or ten messages! Its name is "tarta santiago", and it's properly served with flaming whisky

    In every spanish city there's a gallego (galician) restaurant. They're dependably good and modestly priced...and you always want the 'tartaa santiago con whisky flambe".

    See link below for my favorite place in the world for this (and many other things)


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      I was going to write and say that I think it's "Torta de Santiago," but I looked at the URL for the recipe I was going to post and it actually has the word I started to wonder...seems it can be Torta de Santiago, Tarta de Santiago, Tarta Santiago (no "de") and probably also Torta Santiago. Who knew!?

      Here's a link to a recipe (which seems to be a version of one Penelope Casas included in one of her books)


      1. re: Meg

        Yeah, Meg, I think "torta" may be right. Tarta/torta are used in different places (and I'm not sure what the actual Gallego word is, which is what really matters!).