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Dec 12, 2001 06:22 AM

Savory Bake Sale Ideas too?

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Berkeleybabe's question leads me to this one (and yes, I'm thinking about your quiche, BethP--thanks!). We have a bake sale tomorrow from 12-6pm. If you were a starving student or faculty member and wanted something healthful to grab, on the "I-don't-eat-anything-scary" side, and that would be easy and inexpensive to make what would it be?

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  1. Pasties. Little meat or cheese or veggie-filled pies that you can make with pre-made pastry mix or sticks. In the Olden Days (translation: I'm not sure when exactly, maybe the 19th and early 20th centuries) Welsh coal miners carried pasties to the mines to eat for their lunch, and nobody on earth was poorer than Welsh miners.

    You can find a standard Welsh pasty at This recipe calls for one big pasty, but you'd just cut smaller circles, like 6 inches. Ditto with some root vegetables added at A hamburger pasty at A cheese pasty at

    They're tasty, not real hard to make, nutritious and something different from the usual bake sale fare.


    1. How easy do you need it? Can you wrap a (cooked) sausage in purchased bread dough so that it is peeking out at the ends, brush with beaten egg, and bake 'til golden?

      1. Make a frittata/torta type thing with eggs, veggies and cheese. Double or triple the recipe and bake it in a lasagna pan. You can serve it hot or cold, with or without sauce, cut into large squares or small appetizer-sized ones. So cheap, easy, portable and versatile. It's my mainstay for office potlucks.

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          Caitlin Wheeler

          With sliced potatoes, could be a Spanish tortilla, a certain crowd pleaser. I like cheesey biscuits and scones, too.

        2. Wow, cool ideas guys--all of them are workable. I'll make the frittata--got all the stuff on hand, but will hold on to the "pigs-in-blankets" and the "pasties" thoughts for next time. Thank you -very- much. Off to bake.