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Dec 11, 2001 05:46 PM

Online Gadget Source (inc cannoli forms)

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I found an online source for all sorts of kitchen gadgets. They seem to have a fairly comprehensive catalogue and generally good prices (for ex: silpat-$15; Bron mandoline - $99.)

I have not used them and cannot speak to any of its policies, quality of service, etc.

Someone on the board was looking for cannoli forms. I saw them in the catalog for $2.50 per set of four.

find them at:


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  1. Oh, I love the site! I'm always on the lookout for good food/equipment/kitchen site. If I end up ordering something, I'll be sure to report my experience with them.

    By the way, anybody know a source that sells pot de creme pots? Preferrabley something simple, white and with matching lids.

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      1. re: ironmom

        Thank you so much!!! My friend and I have been looking for these pot de creme pots for forever. And your link looks like it's perfect for what we are looking for.

        Oh, Chowhound is great.
        Everyone should support Chowhound by visiting Chowmarket.


      2. re: Wendy Lai

        This place is in South Philly. One of the best E-commerce sites I have ever ordered from.


        1. re: gourmound

          Gourmound, Fante's is also a great off-line source in Philadelphia. So if you visit Phila, check it out. Fante's is located in the heart of the Italian Market, a regular shopping stop for locals and a place worth visiting for visitors. It has local color, a lot of out of the way foodstuffs as well as the everyday sort, and prices that better both the supermarkets and upscale markets.

          The Italian market on 9th St (vicinity of Washington - Christian Sts) is a remnant of the immigrant past. It has shrunk in size, and the ethnic quality has expanded to include some Asian and Latino vendors, keeping the spirit of the old market as the world around it changes. Its customers include those shopping for its produce, fish, etc. (at a fraction of supermarket prices) at the outdoor/indoor vendors who line the street selling fresh produce, eggs, fish, etc. Some shop for luxury and specialty items (bottarga, truffles, Banyuls vinegar, etc) in the early turn of the last century shops with their open barrels of olives, cans of salted anchovies, capers, and pans of fresh mozzarella, prepared antipasti, and unfinished wooden floors. Of course, even the luxury items are less expensive here than in places like D&D or even the more local Food Source in Bryn Mawr.

          The outdoor vendors are traditionally gruff and hurried perhaps reflecting the weather extremes they endure. Indoor markets carry fish and meats (including game), spices, fresh ravioli and other pasta. Claudio and Di Bruno Bros supply the Italian deli, one of them carries what is arguably the best selection of cheeses in Phila. Both delis are worth the visit and some people travel great distances to shop there. (I make an easy 20-30 minute trip every week or two.) Within a few blocks of the "core" of the market are Sarconne and Isgro bakeries, a couple large Asian markets (Washington Ave). And of course there are some food stands and restaurants which have been discussed on this board. At one time the market extended as far south as Pat's and beyond.

          Fante's is much more than an on-line come lately. An old family business that carries a wide selection of good quality kitchen equipment at good prices and some specialty foods, it is distinguished by the the knowledge and helpfulness of the longterm staff who pursue any request. It even gives some cooking classes. Notice that unlike many other online sources they give a phone number to call if you have question. I believe they still have another venue (sans atmosphere) at the King of Prussia mall (perhaps others I haven't seen).

          Many visitors as well as locals go to the Reading Terminal Market, which is convenient to center city and includes a kind of food court with stands specifically devoted to providing lunches, etc. as well as all sorts of out out of the way food stuffs for the home cook and an excellent small cookbook stand and a cookware shop. For those living and working in CC, it is a good fresh food supermarket alternative. For visitors, it is a worthwhile stop to have lunch while seeing a traditional city market that is notable for its long survival.

          1. re: Saucyknave

            Yep, been there. I live in South Jersey, born in West Philly.

          2. re: gourmound

            What a great site. They have EVERYthing.

          3. re: Wendy Lai
            Caitlin Wheeler

            Wendy, Broadway Panhandler is one of my favorite cookware stores in NYC. Their website is They say that if you don't see something, ask. They probably have it. The toll free number to order stuff is 1-866- COOKWARE