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Dec 6, 2001 06:08 PM

Keep latkes crisp overnight?

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I want to bring latkes into work on the 9th. However, I do not want to wake up at 5 AM and make latkes (what are latkes? crispy potato-shred-and-onion pancakes)- I'd rather make them the night before, then bring them in.

Refrigerating latkes makes them soggy - no less delicious to me, but that's not the quintessential latke experience.

I have heard that you can leave the latkes out on a counter/in the stove, wrapped in foil, overnight, and nobody will die of food poisoning after you reheat them the next day, and that they will be, if not as crisp as fresh ones, reasonably unsoggy. Is this so? Does anyone else have crisp-latkes-next-day recommendations?



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  1. How were you planning to reheat them at work? I don't think this advice is apt if you are planning to microwave them, but if you have access to a range burner or an electric hotplate, you might try this: fry them the night before, but not to a dark, totally crispy state. Don't drain/blot them obsessively. Bring a frying pan with you to work the next day. There should be enough oil left on the latkes to re-fry them until they are deep golden and crispy--almost as good.

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      Dave Feldman

      I hate to be a wet sponge, but I don't think an acceptable potato pancake can be made the day before, or reheated, for that matter.