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Nov 30, 2001 09:17 AM

Scarlett O's???

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Every Xmas Eve my dad makes a few pitchers of Scarlett O'Hara's--he uses Southern Comfort, Cranberry Juice Cocktail and concentrated frozen lime-ade. I have always found them to be ass-kicking and sickly sweet. My neighbor is hosting her second annual Beef Wellington Dinner and wants ideas for a pre-meal cocktail--we had home-made eggnog last year--my, my, was it good, but rich--and I suggested Scarlett O's. I told her she might try toning them down a bit by using fresh lime juice rathern than lime-ade, and adding some seltzer or club soda before serving.

Any suggestions? Or recommends for another appropriate holiday cocktail?

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  1. My Dad mixes up the Scarlett O'Haras on Christmas Day (as well as a few other days of the year!) We always use lots of fresh lemon juice instead of your family's limeade. On Thanksgiving we were out of lemons and used fresh limes, but I didn't think the result was as good -- it didn't taste as crisp, and it looked more muddy than scarlet.

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      mary mary--

      thanks for the tip--will try

      so, your dad mixes 'em up, too? does he drink 'em til they start to dribble down his chin?

      nice to hear that others share this Xmas tradition