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Nov 29, 2001 11:45 AM

Dried Mung Beans - any recipes?

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Languishing on a shelf in the pantry, left by former tenant, lots of dried beans in jars - is there any way to use the dried mung beans? Some whole, some split. I can only find recipes with sprouts....

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  1. my guess is the former tenant was indian. Mung beans are also known as mung dal (which should help in a search for recipes). And is a staple item in India. I'd offer to help you out on a recipe but I've never been known for my dal.

    I also like thai mung bean custard - I've used a recipe from one of wei chuan cookbooks that turned out pretty well

    1. Chinese people use mung beans too, but in a dessert format, and pretty simple too. My family just boil them until they are semi-soft and add sugar to sweeten, boil some more and just eat like that either hot or iced. How long to boil and how much sugar is all up to personal taste.

      To take it a step further you can add other things to make it more of a congee, like small red beans, dried lotus seed (you'll have to reconsitute them before cooking), and maybe pearl barly. Everything gets boiled until soft then eaten like a dessert.

      You can also make a shake out of it. Blend cooked and sweetened mung beans with some milk and you get ashake. Blend it and add milk tea and pearl tapioca you get bau bau drinks.

      1. Julie Sanhi, in , of all places, the Moghul Microwave, has two fabulous recipes -- a basmatic rice pilaf with whole mung beans and green peppercorns; and sookhi mung dal, in which the split beans are cooked to stay dry and separate.

        When very lightly sprouted, they make a great Indian salad -- nothing like the chinese sprouts though -- see Madhur Jaffrey's World of the East Vegetarian Cooking.