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Nov 28, 2001 03:16 PM

Australian Bitters Only, Seen in the US??? HELP!!

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My withdrawels of having not been down under for awhile are kicking in. I am seeking Australian Bitter Beers in the US and have been striking out all over.

Specifically, I fell in love w/the Carlton XXXX Bitter and Victoria Bitter, but at this point I would order any Australian Bitter Beer.

My Oz Internet Wine connection can not help me, my local beer expert can not nor can any of the beer experts I've run into in the Chicago area can help me.


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  1. There's an Australian website that ships wine and beer internationally. They offer lots of bitters. Here's the link:


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    1. re: Nancy Berry

      They had my XXXX and Victoria Bitter.

      BUT I could not checkout because it said my order exceeded the limit of 20KG (40lbs). I whittled my order
      down to two cases, much less than 20KG and still was refused. Have sent email asking for assistance. will keep posted if works out.

      thanks again! I thought I had exhausted means on the net, but no a chowhound comes through.

      1. re: Sweet Willie
        Sweet Willie

        OK, it's extreme, but I went ahead and ordered my case of Australia's XXXX bitter beer.

        Case of beer costs ~$16US, shipping ~$60US :(

        BUT I am that desperate for the taste, can't wait! :)

        1. re: Sweet Willie

          Received my case yesterday, am enjoying it now, my delight makes me realize I was not crazy for ordering.

          1. re: Sweet Willie

            Good for you, Willie! I'm glad it was worth it. There's nothing like a satisifed craving. pat

      2. Fosters Bitter is easily found, probably anywhere in the US. It's available in oilcans for sure, and maybe in 6pks. I don't think you'll find VB.

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        1. re: Jim Dorsch

          Although the Fosters found here is brewed in Canada

          1. re: stray gator

            Good point! And it's interesting how they use the slogan 'Australian for Beer.'

            You also have a lot of Guinness coming into the US market from Canada, also Harp. A lot of 'Japanese' beer is made in Canada, and Kirin is made in the US. Lowenbrau from Canada, too, and Carlsberg Lager and Elephant Malt.

            1. re: Jim Dorsch

              Allegedly "imported" beers being brewed in Canada or the US instead of their country of origin is a relatively new phenomena in the US, but has been the rule in the UK for some time. Almost every "imported" beer in the UK is brewed in the UK.

              I had not noticed any difference in taste between the Aussie Fosters and that brewed in Canada, but I don't drink the brand very often (once every couple of years) so it would be hard for me to compare. I wonder if anyone else notices a difference between the original and something more locally brewed.