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Nov 28, 2001 01:32 PM

Harry & David fruits--as good as they look?

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I am considering ordering a large fruit assortment (mainly pears) for my mom for Christmas. Opinions? Is the fruit as good as it looks?

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  1. I got an order of the pears last year. They were very good-sweet and juicy, but I've found pears just as good at local markets, and for much cheaper than what Harry & David charges. Still, they're good pears and they make a fine gift.

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      I received their pears & apples as a gift today. They're not big, but taste fine and arrive in good shape. You can find similar and cheaper locally, but getting them at your doorstep is a welcome surprise.

    2. I've ordered a bunch of stuff from them. While it is possible to find fruit that's as good at a local market for cheaper, it can be a chore. I find that their stuff is always consistently good (except for the "Maverick" items - stay way away from those), and if it's not, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I got an order of the "Cream of the Crop" pears, and they were fabulous.

      1. Yes, the pears are very good. But, the other fruits are no better than what you can purchase at the supermarket. And when you're paying an average of $5.00 a pound for it, it's not unrealistic to expect it to be of extraordinary quality.

        1. You can also try Hale Groves. They also have a website. I get a mixed bushel of fruit every monthg from November until MAy. I really look forward to having sweet juicy stuff available during the winter months.

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            I've ordered from them several times and have never been disappointed


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              Lisa, have you (or anyone else) bought the 12 month deal from Hale's? Was just wondering if all the fruit is good or if (as people are saying about Harry & David) only one thing is better than grocery store quality? Thanks.

              1. re: Sarnie

                It's not 12 months. The program is from November to May. I get a mixed bushel every month and really look forward to it. The friut is much better than what I can find in the market.

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                  Is there a change in the composition of your mixed bushel over the course of the season? I couldnt tell from the website whether that was true.

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    You have to specify the composition of the shipment up front. You can get a half, 3/4 or full bushel. All Grapefruit, Oranges or the one I choose is half a bushel of Grapefruit and sometimes it's Valencia Oranges, sometimes tangerines, whatever they have available. It is always good. I have also tried one time shipments of Cherries, Pears, etc. All good so far. I did have a shipment damaged in transit and they replaced it, no problems. They will also replaced anything that arrives damaged. I also send their gift baskets. No, I do not work for them.

                  2. re: gourmound

                    They do have a 12 month plan, its different fruits Every month, not just citrus. You can see it at the link below


                  3. re: Sarnie

                    I've only ever ordered different boxes of their citrus fruit when the mood struck. It has always been much better quality than what I have found at the store.

                    Based on the fruit I have received, I would imagine the others would be just as good.

                    I also found another place in California to order citrus, I have placed an order, but haven't received it yet, but they have a money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied, their prices include shipping, and are reasonable


                2. re: gourmound

                  One time i ordered oranges from Angie's Grove in Florida, but my parents lived in Texas and they wouldn't (couldn't? illegal? gentleman's agreement?) ship Florida oranges to Texas.

                3. I do send my Grandma the grapefruit every Christmas, because she is stuck in one of those shrinkwrapped-produce way-up-north towns (the grownup "kids" are less likely to steal one on the way out than they would a pear), and she's never disappointed. Regardless, I might check into one of these other sites for a little variety.