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Nov 26, 2001 01:48 PM

Vietnamese coffee at home?

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I recently bought one of those one-cup Vietnamese coffee contraptions and some sweetened condensed milk in a can.

What kind of coffee grounds do they use in Vietnamese restaurants, and where can I find them (in New York City or online)?


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  1. They use the coffee from the French Quarter. It contains Chickory and Coffee. It comes in a yellow can and has a picture of a French Quarter Building on the front.I'm almost positive it's called Cafe DuMond. I've seen it at many stores in Chinatown. Also may cost more, but I bet its at Dean and Delucca's or Garden of Eden. enjoy!

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      Chris Armstrong

      Thanks, SLAP, for the nearly immediate reply. I've seen that stuff in Asian groceries, and I guess everything they stock is there for a reason. I'm off to Chinatown.


      1. re: SLAP

        Cafe Du Monde? Are you sure? I thought that was the chicory coffee they served with beignets in New Orleans?

        All the iced vietnamese coffee I've ever seen made has been with dark french roast coffee. You could of course just go to an asian or vietnamese market and buy coffee there too.



        1. re: Synistyr

          I second the cafe du monde vote. Which does also have chicory in it and is drunk with beignets. Of course many vietnamese stores sell their own chicory coffee which can be used as well, but the cafe du monde has worked pretty well for me.

          1. re: zim

            Cafe du Monde for Vietnamese coffee here, too. When I was in New Orleans's Cafe du Monde last year, many of the servers were Vietnamese.