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Nov 12, 2001 02:31 PM

Pisc sour question

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From a pisco sour recipe printed on a bottle of pisco bought in the Lima airport: a list of ingredients including "jarabe de goma". An English-Spanish dictionary defines "goma" as "rubber". This puzzled me enough to send me to Waverly Root, which yielded the information that "goma" is Japanese for sesame. Is there such a thing as sesame syrup? If so, is it a common ingredient in pisco sours? Or am I completely off base here?

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  1. Definitely no sesame in pisco sours!

    "Jarabe de goma" would be "sirop de gomme" aka gum syrup aka simple syrup aka sugar and water (equal quantities, boiled till clear).

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      Thanks so much--had actually mulled whether "goma" might translate as gum, but two Spanish/English dictionaries said it was rubber. Know what a simple syrup is, but had never heard "gum syrup" as a term for this. Didn't THINK there could be sesame in pisco sours but one never knows....