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jelly making advice

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  • Gabriel Solis Nov 11, 2001 12:58 PM
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I tried making pear jelly this morning, following the instructions on the pectin packet to the letter (as Fanny Farmer had instructed me to do). I now have four 16-ounce jars of pear syrup.

what did I do wrong? Can I boil the syrup with more pectin/more sugar/etc., and turn it into jelly?



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  1. Quince syrup (basically thin jelly) is one of the nicest things you can put on pancakes and french toast. Bet pear syrup would be good too!

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    1. re: Sharuf

      Sounds good -- or perhaps you could use it making syrup omelets?

      1. re: Jeremy Osner
        Gabriel Solis

        Good advice, and precisely what I intended to do with it. Intended, that is, until, some hours later, I noticed that it had set up nicely. I guess it takes quite a bit longer to fully gel than I had expected.