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moroccan tajines

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Does anyone know where I can buy an authentic Moroccan pottery tajine in NYC? I have just returned from 2 glorious weeks in that country and am already missing the fabulous food.

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  1. On the east side of Lexington Ave, around E70th st, there's a small Moroccan gift shop where they sell tagines and other Moroccan stuff. I can't remember the exact name, sorry. I think they're affiliated with a nearby Moroccan restaurant. I do remember being annoyed that they didn't carry cous-cous cookers,in spite of having a big article from the NY Times on cous-cous cookers taped to the window. I also found the woman working there to be a little grumpy, and the merchandise generally to be steeply priced. Um....have fun!

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      Josh Mittleman

      The real tajine is fun and pretty; but I've found that it doesn't make a lot of difference in the food. Any good covered baking dish works just as well.

      A good couscousiere, on the other hand, is a necessity.

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        I have a couscousiere that I use for the couscous, but have found it makes little difference if I use water or the stew in the couscousiere to cook couscous.
        Supposedly the stew imbues the couscous with flavor. It it does, it's very subtle. I find using my Sitram casserole works bettter than the thin, alum. couscousiere I have, and it also makes it easier since the stew and the couscous don't have to be syncronized. If I had known this I probably would have improvised with some kind of a steamer to cook the couscous, but then again, I am a sucker for interesting cookware.

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        Janet A. Zimmerman

        I'm not sure about New York, but if you do find one, make sure it's designed to be cooked in, not just for serving. I work in a cookware store that carries several, but most are not for cooking.

        1. You might want to check the Middle-Eastern shops on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn, between Clinton and Court. Last year, A Perfect Setting (also on Atlantic, between Clinton and Henry) was carrying them in various sizes. Not sure they still stock them. Even if you don't find a tagine, you might enjoy the excursion for well-priced provisions for cooking up a Moroccan meal.

          And I concur with Josh...the tagines are lovely but not necessary for a delicious finished dish.

          1. When you find your prefered cookware, take a look at this site of wonderful recipes, including Tajines.

            Link: http://www.mincom.gov.ma/english/gall...

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              Pat Goldberg

              Here is a link to a mail-order place I have used successfully. I found it on Paulawolfert.com, so I think you can trust it. I can tell you that I ordered a tajine for a friend, it arrived with a crack in it, and they replaced it promptly without question.

              Even if you don't want to buy from this site, you should visit Paulawolftert.com

              Pat G/

              Link: http://www.moroccoarts.com/

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                Carolyn Tillie

                Alternately, Le Creuseut makes a pretty cool tagine that I use all the time for my Moroccan recipes. The base is cast iron and is used on the stove top while the "tagine" top is the standard Le Creuseut enamelwear (in red). It is pretty cool and costs about $100.

                I guess, technically, it is not a "traditional" tagine, but it cooks fabulously!

                1. Thank you all so much for the replies to my request for a Moroccan tajine - all the answers were very helpful.
                  I read about this site in the New Yorker recently and am so impressed!
                  Thanks again everyone!

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                    silver queen

                    The Moroccan products store in the Chelsea Market has tagines a-gogo, for almost nothing.