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Nov 5, 2001 10:58 AM

moroccan tajines

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Does anyone know where I can buy an authentic Moroccan pottery tajine in NYC? I have just returned from 2 glorious weeks in that country and am already missing the fabulous food.

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  1. On the east side of Lexington Ave, around E70th st, there's a small Moroccan gift shop where they sell tagines and other Moroccan stuff. I can't remember the exact name, sorry. I think they're affiliated with a nearby Moroccan restaurant. I do remember being annoyed that they didn't carry cous-cous cookers,in spite of having a big article from the NY Times on cous-cous cookers taped to the window. I also found the woman working there to be a little grumpy, and the merchandise generally to be steeply priced. Um....have fun!

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      Josh Mittleman

      The real tajine is fun and pretty; but I've found that it doesn't make a lot of difference in the food. Any good covered baking dish works just as well.

      A good couscousiere, on the other hand, is a necessity.

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        I have a couscousiere that I use for the couscous, but have found it makes little difference if I use water or the stew in the couscousiere to cook couscous.
        Supposedly the stew imbues the couscous with flavor. It it does, it's very subtle. I find using my Sitram casserole works bettter than the thin, alum. couscousiere I have, and it also makes it easier since the stew and the couscous don't have to be syncronized. If I had known this I probably would have improvised with some kind of a steamer to cook the couscous, but then again, I am a sucker for interesting cookware.

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        Janet A. Zimmerman

        I'm not sure about New York, but if you do find one, make sure it's designed to be cooked in, not just for serving. I work in a cookware store that carries several, but most are not for cooking.

        1. You might want to check the Middle-Eastern shops on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn, between Clinton and Court. Last year, A Perfect Setting (also on Atlantic, between Clinton and Henry) was carrying them in various sizes. Not sure they still stock them. Even if you don't find a tagine, you might enjoy the excursion for well-priced provisions for cooking up a Moroccan meal.

          And I concur with Josh...the tagines are lovely but not necessary for a delicious finished dish.

          1. When you find your prefered cookware, take a look at this site of wonderful recipes, including Tajines.