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cupcake cafe writing policy for cakes

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i brought an last minute b-day cake it was $15 for a 4 inch cake when i ask for the inscription to be placed on the cake the clerk told me it was $5 extra as it was late i agreed, later i got to thinking and i cannot remember any bakery charging extra for writing happy birthday on a b-day cake and feel the owners of cupcake cafe is charging extra because of their popularity, what do you think? as i now feel cheated.

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  1. sounds ridiculous to me...33% of the price of the cake for what would amount to what, five minutes' work MAX? Was there something special about the inscription - i.e. was it in 14kt gold icing???

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      Michele Cindy

      The same thing happened to me. Next time we should run into the nearest market and pick up a $1.50 tube of cake gel in the bakery section and do it ourselves. Or better yet, just don't get the cake there again.

    2. I think it's disgraceful- so much for "hospitality" industry. I work in a bakery; $15 for a FOUR inch cake is more than enough.

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        Reminds me of a florist in my town that only gives you a fern frond or some baby's breath when you ask and then charges you per twig. Terrible! I would have asked them to give my the pastry tube and I'd do it myself. An outrageous policy, I would worry more about where they're cutting corners that the customer DOESN'T see.

        1. A four inch cake? They must have to pay the "I write your name on a grain of rice" guy to do it.

          1. Well, the price for the cake itself seems ridiculous, unless that cake was something really extraordinary. I would be very interested in your description of it - was it a miniature layer cake? Was it tall? Was it elaborately decorated? Just what made you pay $15 for it??

            (Oh and... sorry, but it would be easier to read your posts if they included punctuation every now and then.)

            1. First of all, $15 for a 4"cake is not necessarily overpriced. If you consider that most of the finer bakeries in NYC will charge no less than $4-5 per person for their cakes (usually custom), $15 for a cake that will feed 4-6 people is not unreasonable.

              As for charging for the writing, if you spent $80 on a cake and they wanted to charge $5 for writing, you probably would not have cared much, but in reality, the writing is probably about the same. It would certainly take the writer as much time and effort to write happy birthday so and so on a small cake as a large cake, so that does not seem unreasonable either.

              As far as the owners taking advantage, of course they are. The cupcake cafe is one if the best bakeries in the city (in my opinion) and they charge more because they can. If they were out of line with the other high-end bakeries in town, your gripe would have merit. However, I dont think any of the facts you've laid out indicate something wrong with the Cupcake cafe. It's just NYC prices for high-end goods.

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                Well, I am really lost here. Does the four inch figure represent the height of the cake or the diameter (as I thought)? I thought that we were talking about diameter; a four-inch cupcake (basically a glorified, decorated muffin). For which $15 would have been pretty steep. So what's the story?