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Nov 4, 2001 01:44 AM

cupcake cafe writing policy for cakes

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i brought an last minute b-day cake it was $15 for a 4 inch cake when i ask for the inscription to be placed on the cake the clerk told me it was $5 extra as it was late i agreed, later i got to thinking and i cannot remember any bakery charging extra for writing happy birthday on a b-day cake and feel the owners of cupcake cafe is charging extra because of their popularity, what do you think? as i now feel cheated.

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  1. sounds ridiculous to me...33% of the price of the cake for what would amount to what, five minutes' work MAX? Was there something special about the inscription - i.e. was it in 14kt gold icing???

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      Michele Cindy

      The same thing happened to me. Next time we should run into the nearest market and pick up a $1.50 tube of cake gel in the bakery section and do it ourselves. Or better yet, just don't get the cake there again.

    2. I think it's disgraceful- so much for "hospitality" industry. I work in a bakery; $15 for a FOUR inch cake is more than enough.

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        Reminds me of a florist in my town that only gives you a fern frond or some baby's breath when you ask and then charges you per twig. Terrible! I would have asked them to give my the pastry tube and I'd do it myself. An outrageous policy, I would worry more about where they're cutting corners that the customer DOESN'T see.

        1. A four inch cake? They must have to pay the "I write your name on a grain of rice" guy to do it.

          1. Well, the price for the cake itself seems ridiculous, unless that cake was something really extraordinary. I would be very interested in your description of it - was it a miniature layer cake? Was it tall? Was it elaborately decorated? Just what made you pay $15 for it??

            (Oh and... sorry, but it would be easier to read your posts if they included punctuation every now and then.)