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Nov 4, 2001 12:27 AM

You say pimento...

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I've looked everywhere and can't figure out -- what's the difference between a red pepper and a pimento? Is a pimento a variety of red pepper? Does anyone even care besides my mother who asked me this question?

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    Brandon Nelson

    Same thing...

    It may be different from region to region, but generally the terms are interchangable. Sort of like zucini/ italian squash.


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      Brandon Nelson

      I should elaborate...

      Pimento generally refers to a red pepper. The specific variety may vary according to the cuisine. Italians may use a different species than Mexicans. The variety that is reffered to in a recipe may not be available in your area. That is why we submit to a more inclusive definition.


    2. The pimento is a sweet red pepper, but it's slightly different from the red bell peppers we see in most stores. The shape is different (it's kind of heart shaped with a point at the bottom), the flesh is thicker, and it's a bit sweeter and more aromatic than the ordinary bell pepper. We can sometimes get pimentos at the farmer's markets in the SF bay area and I'll usually pick these over bell peppers -- they taste better.

      1. you want a real headache? in certain parts of Ohio I've seen green bell peppers referred to as mangoes.