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Nov 2, 2001 10:10 PM

Uses for dried chestnuts?

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I recently bought a bag of dried chestnuts at my local Asian market (it's really more like an Asian/European/Indonesian market. . .) and I am having a hard time finding recipes that call specifically for dried chestnuts. Or even regular chestnuts, for that matter. No sweets, please. Looking for savory dishes, and preferably veg. or easily adapted.

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  1. Dried chestnuts are great! You can dehydrate them by soaking in water overnight then use them in many different ways. I've tried them in a cornbread chestnut stuffing, they turned out delicious. Or you can steam them then cook them slowly in sugar syrup to make a desert of some sort. Or you can make a chestnut puree soup, sweet for dessert or salty for savory. Try looking up some recipes at www.epicurious.com It's a great website with recipes from Gourmet and Bon Appetite, searchable by ingredients.

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      Thanks Wendy. I do use Epicurious frequently; they have lots of good stuff.

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      Josh Mittleman

      Throw dried (or fresh) chestnuts into any slow-cooked dish that contains a lot of liquid. They will exchange flavor with the liquid, thicken the sauce a bit, and look just wonderful on the plate.