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Nov 1, 2001 12:48 PM

Nightstand Drinks

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I always like to keep something to drink on my nightstand to quench my thirst in the middle of the night. However, I hate beverages at room temperature. I much prefer something really hot or really cold. Even wine, I prefer at "castle" room temperature.
I've been using just water, but it always taste like the water that comes out of the bathroom tap once its been sitting for awhile. (Did you ever notice that bathroom water never tastes as good as water from the kitchen tap?)
Anyway, I've settle for San Pellegrino or any decent carbinated water. I was shocked how good club soda can be at room temperature.
So, what other midnight drinks would be good?

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  1. Sorry, but everyone KNOWS bathroom water tastes better..

    1. You could try squeezing a little bit of lemon or lime juice into the water before leaving it on the nightstand.

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        First I need to get into position to duck the inevitable projectiles... then...

        "Two four six eight, what should we acidulate?"


      2. I always keep a bottle of seltzer water (it too tastes fine at room temp) by my bed. It's also good for when you're dehydrated, but can't stomach plain water for whatever reason. I drink probably a liter a day, which I hope isn't a bad thing!

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          On the contrary. One should try to drink about 8 cups of water a day, minimum. That's almost 2 litres. I'm no doctor, but I dont think you can really drink too much seltzer.

          1. re: J. Pine

            Last time I drank a liter of seltzer water in an afternoon, I was woozy at the end. I'm no doc either, but doesn't carbonation leech out calcium and not fully hydrate like plain H2O?

            1. re: Nikel

              I remember being told by my dear old mom to rinse my mouth after drinking anything carbonated - even seltzer or club soda - because of the leeching effects of carbonation. She believed that it would rot my teeth. So I'm not sure seltzer is the ideal nightstand drink. I have a Brita water pitcher (the kind that filters the water) which I got only because my tap water has sediment in it. That filtered water tastes really good so you might want to keep one of those around for nighttime hydration.

              1. re: Nikel

                If you drank a liter of seltzer in a short period of time and felt bloated or otherwise odd, it was probably just the bubbles dissipating in your stomach that felt funny.

                You wouldn't have noticed if you'd mixed it with Scotch. (g)

                The chemical difference between regular water and seltzer is insignificant. There's a little carbon dioxide dissolved in it, and if you served it warm, or left it open at room temperature, most would be gone quickly. Don't forget that you're a carbon-based organism. Soda water contains a small amount of various salts, as do naturally carbonated waters. Few have enough sodium to be a significant source, but you can read the label and compare.

                Actually, it's the phosphoric acid in most carbonated beverages (Coke, Pepsi, etc.) which is thought to leach calcium from your system. The sugar will use up some of the water in the digestion process, making less available for hydration. Empty calories, too. Caffeine tends to dehydrate.

                Drink all the seltzer you like.

                (I leave a glass of bottled water out at all times. I prefer it at room temperature.)

                1. re: ironmom

                  Thanks for the affirmation. In the past year, I lost about 25 lbs, and I credit most of it to increasing my seltzer and cutting out virtually all other beverages ( except alcohol, which I cut back on significantly). I know drinking booze is full of empty calories, blah, blah, blah, but I did not want to stop drinking alcohol and giving up soda, juice, sports drinks, etc was more reasonable.
                  People sometimes look at me strangely, but I acually prefer room temp seltzer than cold.

                  1. re: J. Pine

                    I also prefer it room temperature - it's the most thirst-quenching substance on earth!

          2. In theory, tap water should taste better after siting for awhile. Nearly all tap water contains chlorine and affects the taste. But it evaporates in a few hours.

            1. I have a large Thermos mug (the one that has a hook for a handle and has a base that's larger than the top -- that way, I am less likely to spill it in the dark when I grab for it, and don't have to turn on a light). I use ice with either cold filtered water from the frig or seltzer -- the drink-through cap keeps the carbonation at a nice level all night long.