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Nov 1, 2001 11:54 AM

Need Spanish menu translation website rec

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I'm attempting to hound out some Mexican taquerias around Atlanta. Most of them do not offer a menu in English and I took French instead of Spanish. I do know chicken and pork (and tripe), but there are so many other dishes I'd like to try, but don't know what they are. If they had a takeout menu, I would translate that using babelfish, however my favorite does not.

Any ideas?

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  1. This isn't, by far, definitive, but here is a link to the ABQ Journal that has a glossary. Also, you can post specific things that need translated and hounds the world over will rush to your aid :)


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      Win (Boston)

      Check out Reference Desk. I was intrigued to read some time ago that Colin Powell threw out his shelves of reference books when he discovered this web site.

      I bookmarked it and use it a few times a day. It links to thousands of reference resources on the web. If you don't see the resourse or search engine on the start page, dig deeper and deeper into this compilation.