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Oct 28, 2001 04:21 PM

internet asian candy sales?

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I've just come from my favorite Vietnamese grocery store and found that they are out of the gummi hamburgers I use as prizes for my 8th grade class. Worse, when I asked Richard, the owner, he had no idea what I was talking about! I think he must have ordered them once and been using the same shipment ever since.

The candy I'm talking about comes from Hong Kong and is called "Happy Fun Burgers". Anyone know how I can buy this online?

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  1. Sorry , don't know where to get these candies on the web. but have seen them in chinatown in variuos japanese candy stores.Can't remember the name of the places. There is one on mott street. They have a large selection of many interesting candies. Check it out.

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      The Internet site for the "Munchie's Paradise" store on Mott St. is I was in there the other day and believe I saw gummy hamburgers. They aren't listed on the site, although gummy hotdogs are. There is a customer service email option you might try to get more info.

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        Yes, Aji Ichiban sells those gummi burgers (and hot dogs!). Got some myself at their Flushing store last week.

        One can sample most anything there. Terrific fun. I bought some dried rose blossoms on impulse after tasting - wonderful cherry-like flavor.

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          Sorry to have to ask, but Chinatown of which city?

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            New York. The Ahi Ichiban web site (see below) has a customer service number if you fail with any of the above-suggested sites.

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   is a great site and the prices are reasonable.

          3. You could try - they have a bunch of japanese/asian candys and snacks. They only ship in the states tho!



            1. as silly as the site might seem, I have been able to get some great stuff from They have gummi burgers, gummi pizza and a variety pack. Not sure if these are exactly the same ones as the ones you are looking for.





              1. Check out this Web Site:

                It's such a cool site and has tons of Asian Candy you can give away to your class! Even fun Transformer-like toys that come with candy.

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                  you might also want to check out the link below. We got a lot of great stuff for birthday party gift bags from the chicago branch