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Oct 25, 2001 05:53 AM

Jim Leff's Fav Cereals

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Just wondering how I can get some of your favorite cereals like Parade Brand Corn Flakes, and Jordan's Crunchy? Thanks a lot. I am intrigued.

Grace Toy

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  1. Gosh, my own name on a thread title...yet I missed this query!

    parade brand is available in a lot of supermarkets, especially walbaums. they seem to be a major "off brand" in the cereal market. But it's not that Parade Corn Flakes are going to set you on fire in some new way. It's just that Kellog's taste funny and medicinal and weird these days, and the Parade ones taste more like the Corn Flakes of yore.

    Jordan's Crunchy (or, better, Jordan's Sweet Crunch with freeze-dried strawberries!!!!!) was available for about a millsecond, but has fallen off the edge of consumer availability again. They're a British brand, so I'll ask our resident British Food Biz authority, Alex Eisler to chime in...


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      Alexandra Eisler

      Ok, I've posed the above question (Where the hell is Jordan's Sweet Crunch??) to the marketing company handling Jordan's US launch and will post with a reply...

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        Alexandra Eisler

        Looks like Jordan's has been de-listed at A&P/Waldbaum's, but IS available at Shop-Rite...

        1. re: Alexandra Eisler

          ...and here's a shop-rite store locater (link below)