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Best Egg McMuffin -- where?

Jordan Oct 20, 2001 11:00 PM

Does anyone know where to get the best egg mcmuffin?
Not just a good egg mcmuffin, but a truly wonderful breakfast experience?

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    Michael Lewis RE: Jordan Oct 21, 2001 06:33 AM


    1. i
      ironmom RE: Jordan Oct 21, 2001 08:44 AM

      How about your own kitchen?

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      1. re: ironmom
        Leslie T. RE: ironmom Oct 21, 2001 03:19 PM

        If you are at all interested in making them at home, here is a recipe link to (highly regarded in Seattle) Kathy Casey's "Fluffy Stuffed Breakfast Biscuits", as it appeared in the Seattle Times last month. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks easy and good.

        Link: http://archives.seattletimes.nwsource...

      2. c
        Cliff RE: Jordan Oct 21, 2001 12:20 PM

        I think the replies were unfair to Jordan. Mainly, i suggest that he try Eggs Benedict with sausage on the side. A much better rendition of essentially the same ingredients. Any pancake house or breakfast-anytime kind of place should have a pretty good rendition. Good luck.

        1. t
          tanyal RE: Jordan Oct 21, 2001 07:46 PM

          Never having eaten an Egg McMuffin, (trademarked I would expect?) I will not venture into its pros or cons.
          I am anticipating some flame here for recommending a "chain retro diner " , but
          if you are ever in So Cal try Rubys. I take my very finicky, raised on french frys, nephews there. There is an item called a Rubymuffin which is english muffin, scrambled egg, turkey sausage and process cheese. Very tasty, salty, greasy, buttery protein fix.

          1. j
            Jim H. RE: Jordan Oct 21, 2001 10:26 PM

            There is only one place to get an "Egg McMuffin", at McDonalds, good or bad. It is just a cute name for an English muffin with a tough-cooked egg on Canadian bacon, with cheese and mayo. Its about the only thing my wife and I eat at McD...doesn't speak well for the other dreck served there.

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            1. re: Jim H.
              Amy RE: Jim H. Oct 22, 2001 12:00 PM

              I've never had an Egg McMuffin with mayo - do they make it that way in your part of the world? I love an Egg McMuffin on Saturday mornings after a 6 mile run - it's one of my guilty pleasures. But can't imagine it with mayo - doesn't sound too good to me.

              1. re: Jim H.
                Synistyr RE: Jim H. Oct 29, 2001 06:15 PM

                Canadian bacon? We all know (at least in Canada) it's just ham!

                Anyway, I have to admit, an egg mcmuffin -can- be pretty good, if the whole thing is fresh! The egg isn't a hockey puck, the cheese is still gooey, and the whole thing hasn't been compressed down into a pancake! (p.s. don't order the pancakes)

                Also good with a couple of those grease ladden hashbrowns. Hey, if you're going to eat eggs, ham, and cheese, might as well go all out!

                Also good is a local place here (Chicken for Lunch) that makes an "Egg Thing" for breakfast. Simple - buttered slightly toasted sesame seed bun, scrambled/folded egg, and fried ham or bacon, a slice of cheese and lots of ground pepper! Yum!

                1. re: Synistyr
                  C. Fox RE: Synistyr Oct 30, 2001 03:03 PM

                  The key question -- now that we've established that the egg *isn't* a hockey puck -- is this: Do they toast the muffin or do they microwave it? If it's nuked, I'm not interested, 'cause it'll be soft and rubbery. I like a bit of crunch in my egg-n-cheese, or at least fresh bread. Had a very good one at the takeout sandwich joint near my office the other week, on a sesame-seed roll. Myself, I would've chosen poppy, but it was still hot, fresh and delicious -- *almost* as good as the ones I make for myself at home.

              2. j
                Jessica Shatan RE: Jordan Oct 22, 2001 12:26 PM

                Do they actuall vary from one McDonalds to another? I thought consistency was the hallmark of those big fast food chains.
                Do you mean a 'home made' one?

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