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Oct 20, 2001 11:00 PM

Best Egg McMuffin -- where?

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Does anyone know where to get the best egg mcmuffin?
Not just a good egg mcmuffin, but a truly wonderful breakfast experience?

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  1. m
    Michael Lewis


    1. How about your own kitchen?

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      1. re: ironmom

        If you are at all interested in making them at home, here is a recipe link to (highly regarded in Seattle) Kathy Casey's "Fluffy Stuffed Breakfast Biscuits", as it appeared in the Seattle Times last month. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks easy and good.

        Link: http://archives.seattletimes.nwsource...

      2. I think the replies were unfair to Jordan. Mainly, i suggest that he try Eggs Benedict with sausage on the side. A much better rendition of essentially the same ingredients. Any pancake house or breakfast-anytime kind of place should have a pretty good rendition. Good luck.

        1. Never having eaten an Egg McMuffin, (trademarked I would expect?) I will not venture into its pros or cons.
          I am anticipating some flame here for recommending a "chain retro diner " , but
          if you are ever in So Cal try Rubys. I take my very finicky, raised on french frys, nephews there. There is an item called a Rubymuffin which is english muffin, scrambled egg, turkey sausage and process cheese. Very tasty, salty, greasy, buttery protein fix.

          1. There is only one place to get an "Egg McMuffin", at McDonalds, good or bad. It is just a cute name for an English muffin with a tough-cooked egg on Canadian bacon, with cheese and mayo. Its about the only thing my wife and I eat at McD...doesn't speak well for the other dreck served there.

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            1. re: Jim H.

              I've never had an Egg McMuffin with mayo - do they make it that way in your part of the world? I love an Egg McMuffin on Saturday mornings after a 6 mile run - it's one of my guilty pleasures. But can't imagine it with mayo - doesn't sound too good to me.

              1. re: Jim H.

                Canadian bacon? We all know (at least in Canada) it's just ham!

                Anyway, I have to admit, an egg mcmuffin -can- be pretty good, if the whole thing is fresh! The egg isn't a hockey puck, the cheese is still gooey, and the whole thing hasn't been compressed down into a pancake! (p.s. don't order the pancakes)

                Also good with a couple of those grease ladden hashbrowns. Hey, if you're going to eat eggs, ham, and cheese, might as well go all out!

                Also good is a local place here (Chicken for Lunch) that makes an "Egg Thing" for breakfast. Simple - buttered slightly toasted sesame seed bun, scrambled/folded egg, and fried ham or bacon, a slice of cheese and lots of ground pepper! Yum!

                1. re: Synistyr

                  The key question -- now that we've established that the egg *isn't* a hockey puck -- is this: Do they toast the muffin or do they microwave it? If it's nuked, I'm not interested, 'cause it'll be soft and rubbery. I like a bit of crunch in my egg-n-cheese, or at least fresh bread. Had a very good one at the takeout sandwich joint near my office the other week, on a sesame-seed roll. Myself, I would've chosen poppy, but it was still hot, fresh and delicious -- *almost* as good as the ones I make for myself at home.