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Oct 19, 2001 04:49 PM

Epoisses news - translation help, please

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This appears to be a notice of recall for the leading producer of Epoisses cheese which has been discussed on these boards many times. Perhaps someone who understands French can tell us if this is a recall only or a cessation of production too.


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  1. This IS a recall due to contamination with the listeria virus. Lots affected are #01312112, for use between 10/10/01 and 10/24/01, and lot #01312132, for use between 10/22 and 10/26.

    1. A further reading reveals (I think, my French is pretty rusty) that in order to prevent further infection they are going to stop production for eight weeks. Presumably they will spend the time cleaning.

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        Leslie Brenner

        Hey Melanie...This is a recall only, not a cessation of production. Deven, I couldn't for the life of me find the mention of eight weeks. Maybe I'm blind!

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          As I said my French is rusty. There is a mention of eight weeks in the next to last paragraph. On second reading it seems to be about the incubation period of listeria, perhaps how long before one might notice one was infected. Sorry not to be of more help. We never covered food poisoning in high school French, even in the advanced class, and H.S. French was 30 years ago.

          1. re: Deven Black

            Yes, 8 weeks is the maximum incubation period for listeria. Older persons, pregnant women and persons with immune deficiencies are particularly vulnerable.

            The company said that their cheese had been inspected and tested negative for the bacteria after production and that they were trying to identify the source of the infection.


        2. Here is a literal (and mildly amusing)translation of the article:

          "...Withdrawal of the sale of cheeses Epoisses Berthauxpresenting of the listeri
          LYON, Oct. 18 (AFP) - the cheese dairy Berthaux d' Epoissesproceeded Thursday towithdrawal of the sale of some of its cheeses on which the presence of
          listeria monocytogenes was highlighted, learns one in an official statement.
          This warning concerns the people who would hold already these products so that they do not consume them and bring them backto their point of sale, according to the same source.

          It acts of the cheeses Epoisses Berthaux 250 G and with thecut, concerning batches No 01312112 optimal date.limite.d'.utilisation20/10/01 and 24/10/01 and
          No 01312132, optimal date.limite.d'.utilisation 22/10/01 and26/10/01.
          The people who would have consumed these cheeses and whowould present fever accompanied or not by headaches are invited to consultone doctor in their announcing this consumption. This warning concerns in
          first place pregnant women, immuno-depressed people and them old people.
          The Berthaux company prevents that the listeriosis can be serious and that sound maximum time of incubation can go up to eight weeks.
          It stresses that, before their marketing, cheeses
          accused " had profited with each stage from manufacture and in private individual at their exit of the factory of controlsnot having revealed any trace
          of listeria monocytogenes ". It specifies to put " all works about it for to identify the elements which led to this situation "

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          1. re: HLing

            Did you make this translation using an online translator program? It reads kind of mechanical, if you know what I mean. Still, it is better than my H.S. French.

            1. re: Deven Black

              This is using T-mail. Takes about 2 seconds. Amazingly funny sometimes. I remember once I sent it a German lieder text, actually, a very moving poem by Heine, and got back something in English that kept me laughing for hours...

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            Guy Lesperance

            What this news bulletin says is that the cheese Epoisses Berthaux is being recalled because of contamination with listeria, a spore which causes flu like symptoms, headache and fever. Incubation may take up to eight weeks. It is a dangerous illness, if unchecked, it may result in death.