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Oct 13, 2001 11:30 AM

Bouillon Cubes

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I grew up with my mother using Knorr bouillon cubes, but when I try them now they are far too salty. I make my own chicken stock, but don't have the means to make beef or veal stock, and don't have the space to store cans of beef broth in my kitchen. Does anyone have suggestions of a good brand of bouillon cubes to use (other forms of mix -- jellies, etc. also welcome) and where to get them (either in NYC, Los Angeles or mail order). Thanks.

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  1. hey caitlin,

    try looking in the freezer section of your local grocer. there should be a 1/2 pint container that's white with pictures of the types of demi you'll find inside, cow's, chicken, etc.

    this isn't the best in the world, but if you can't find a reliable source of veal demi to freeze and use for stock later it'll do in a pinch.

    there's also another type that you can get thru williams sonoma called (i think) demi glace gold which has quite good flavor for being a packaged item. you might be able to find that at dean and deluca or zabar's as well.

    and thanks for the cookies!


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      Another good alternative is "More Than Gourmet." I use the demi-glace and fond du poulet gold, but there are other products as well. Seems like most "fancy" food shops in NYC carry it. They're little round, flattish containers. Not refrigerated or frozen, so placement would depend on the store.

    2. I use a brand from italy, called Star, all kinds of flavors, chicken, fish, basil, rosemary, porcini,tomato, etc etc etc. good italian salumerias have them, as does fairway market nyc, balducci's nyc etc. enjoy. p.s they come in small green boxes, a tad smaller than a pack of cigarettes.

      1. I like redi-base brand beef a lot. It comes in a plastic tub. They have lots of flavors, though I've only tried a few. The chicken tastes too sweet to me.


        1. I used to make my own veal stock, but no longer have the time. Demi-Glace Gold by More Than Gourmet is good--I use it for pan reduction sauces. An Italian friend turned me on to Better Than Bouillon by Superior Touch (Superior Quality Foods, Ontario CA 91761). She uses it for making risotto. They have both beef base and chicken base, and it's quite good as a substitute for broth or stock. It comes in an 8-oz. jar and costs about $4.50. 1 tsp. is equal to one cube, or makes 8 oz. of stock. Demi-Glace Gold is too expensive to use for soups or stews. Also, some of the Knorr bouillon cubes are foreign-made and some are U.S. made. I read a review recently, that said the US-made cubes are saltier and not as good as the foreign ones--you have to examine the package closely to see where they are made. I just found some Knorr fish-bouillon cubes made in the Phillippines--haven't used them yet, though. Good luck. I've given up on packaged chicken broth since a carton leaked in my pantry and wreaked havoc.

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            I also have been using Better Than Bouillon beef base and chicken base for a few years, and find it great to add to the pan when making roast beef/roast chicken. It adds great flavour to the pan juices. I first came across it in Fort Myers in Florida and noticed it came from Ontario, Canada. I live in Quebec and am unable to find it here. Does anyone know the website for this company, or an email address so I can locate it in Canada?

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              Here's the link to the manufacturer of Better than Bouillon soup bases:


          2. I think I read somewhere that Knorr changes the flavor profile of their cubes depending on which country they're made in. You might want to try buying the cubes made in mexico or europe (assuming you tried the ones from the USA). They also offer a wider variety of flavors than those from the US.

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              agreed, i use ones that are classiied halal & vegetarian on the box....and they're not half as salty as the regular