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Oct 7, 2001 08:52 PM

Searching for Baumkuchen

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I'm hoping that the combined experience of all these readers will turn up what I'm looking for: Baumkuchen. Baumkuchen is a particular kind of cake which originated in Germany and is now very difficult to find here in the States. A true Baumkuchen is cooked on a special rotating device; batter is run along in thin layers as the rotating cake cooks, so that when cut the cake looks like it has rings, like a slice from a tree trunk. Years ago my family would get it from a bakery in San Francisco; they've since stopped carrying it, and the only info I could get from them was that the process was so labor-intensive that the place they got it from no longer made it. It's an incredible holiday cake, and I keep hoping that somewhere in the US they're still made---if anyone's come across them, please let me know! Thank you.

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  1. Lots on Google. It seems to have achieved cult status. Hope this helps.


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      Thank you both for the Baumkuchen tips; I really appreciate it! The chowhounds have done it again.

    2. You can order baumkuchen "treecake" from Eitelbach in
      Toronto. Their website is Guten Appetit!

      1. I just bought Baumkuchen at the German Deli in Colleyville, TX (close to Dallas). They also have an online store you can order it from. There is also a bakery in Chicago that makes them but I cannot recall it's name.

        1. Oddly enough, Japanese groceries stores seem to be the only places where I've seen baumkuchen sold. I've bought baumkuchen from the Uwajimaya before--I'm not sure if they still carry it, however.